Friday, March 29, 2013

an open letter to my deviant followers

Advisory: This is not directly aimed at one person  but rather several people, unfortunately.

Dear "you know who you are"-

Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I get really excited when I see that that my page has a new "like" on Facebook or a shiny new face has popped up in Google Friend Connect. However,  when I look closer into your profile and learn that you are simply interested in my writing because you have some kind of kink for wheelchair chicks....I am not endeared. Why do I jump to such conclusions about your character? Oh, maybe its because you are a single dude in your mid 40s who is only friends with women with disabilities or the fact that each of your other "likes" revolve around the devotee community [Tangent: Seriously, look it up. There's a world of weird out there.]. Subtlety is not your strong suit.

When I named my blog "That Girl in the Wheelchair"or made the corresponding Facebook page,  I was ill prepared for this kind of attention. For me, the moniker was supposed to be a not so tongue-in-cheek way to state the obvious, and not a signal that my freak flag was flying.[Tangent: Again, I'm sure you are a lovely, really. I am sure that you are upstanding members of your civic communities and pay your taxes on time and all that jazz...but I feel like you are barking up the wrong wheelchair.] Sorry fellas.

Surely, you are also disappointed with the content of my site, because its mostly mundane stories. blah blah...Full House reruns....blah blah...Target....blah blah...poop joke.... I am sure you were seeking women in wheelchairs in thigh highs looking seductively handicapped. Although, I love hosiery as much as the next gal, that is just not what you are gonna see here and I thought you should be aware. In fact, I rarely even post pictures of solely me sitting around in my chair.

Don't worry- I don't judge your left of center past time [Tangent: Who am I kidding? I judge a little.] but I just don't really wanna be included in it. I guess I should be flattered but it kinda just makes me feel like I need a shower....and don't let that be an invite for more grossness. 

Thanks so much for your time and attention (but take it elsewhere). 



  1. "barking up the wrong wheelchair" LOL!! Go girl!

  2. Busted!! You're a super sleuth, Kimmie Jones. And you couldn't have picked a better pic to convey "creepy, shady Erv the Perv".... excuse me while I go through your blog members profiles and try to guess who's all fetishy lookin....

    1. you know I am nosey! I like to see what kinds of folks are following me.

    2. he he... I will... thanks for the tip ;)
      and how vain and pompous to not wanna at least glance at new followers, right?? I don't get bloggers who act like they are spitting prose into the wind, for the earth to be a better place because of their contribution ;) ha ha!

    3. if the last comment says "Jerome" ignore. It was me.

  3. Wow. I thought the Russian porn sites directing traffic to our blogs was weird. I have to go take a shower now, and I'm not even the one being creepily lusted after.

    1. Yeah I have even lost Track of how many Facebook fans like this I have. For a while I blocked them all

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