Thursday, March 21, 2013

been caught stealing...once when I was 30.

So I'm sorta Catholic, and it's lent, right? If my memory of CCD from 12 years ago serves, Lent is a time for repentance/renewal and abstaining from ultra fun vices. [Tangent: blah.] I'm choosing to see it as a time to come clean. Since I'm a shitty when its convenient kinda catholic [Tangent: like I don't go to mass or anything but I had hefty opinions about the new pope and watched it closer than a sporting event.(Subtangent: Whenever I say "new pope"...i think  "new coke" which makes it sound almost gimmicky...very "Catholicism Wow!")], I have incessant guilt about very trivial missteps and I feel the need to come clean.

About a year ago, I signed up to get a free copy of the book of essays Awkward Moments with Men as long as I promised to write an Amazon review for it. Because I am a complete sucker for anything with the word "free" attached, it didn't matter if it was a guidebook on training miniature horses, I would have signed on immediately. [Tangent: Thankfully, it was an enjoyable read and did not revolve around animal husbandry.] It actually seemed like a really ingenious way to get books in hands and get feedback so more people would give it a go. 

Likely I got distracted by a shiny object or something because I didn't ever give it a  review.  While discussing how overwhelming it is to write book reviews with my friend Laura who is a blogger/mama/former librarian, it all came back like a flash...I NEVER WROTE AN AMAZON REVIEW. I stole a book. [Tangent: Theft is a big deal for me. When I worked in retail, the only true joy I got from my job was catching people who were shoplifting. They were always teens with designer purses and phones nicer than mine, so I really had no qualms about being bitchy to them when they were slipping body splashes or overpriced underwear into their Dooney & Burkes.]  After reading the book,  I lent it to my friend Angi and I guess I forgot. Out of sight outta mind, I gather. 

So, today because I am trying to live guilt free- I decided to finally write my review for this book that I took under false pretenses. Anyway, its duo of authors Shannon Lee Miller and Meghan Byrd have Nashville ties, so I gotta do right by my people.  Better late than never and because of my sloth, they got their own blog post- which is totally better, right? 

It really was pretty support your local ladies and check it out...and try not to be creeped out by the "If you like this, then you'll like this" suggestions that Amazon gives you at the bottom of the page. They miss the mark a teench.  

What's the difference for a pen "for her" and a pen "for him.?" I'm afraid to ask (and also completely breezing past the "lust in space" costume.)


  1. Um, I have a sort-of-similar sin to confess...I, too, got a copy of this book for the exact same reasons! Then they e-mailed me and were all, "Um, could you review our book like you said you would do?" and I felt guilty because I hadn't read the book.
    But I left a review, anyway. It was a favorable one because I DID read the first couple of pages and enjoyed them and, hello, they gave me a free book.
    I've since read it and it's great. But my Amazon review? All lies. Vague, generic, complimentary lies.

    1. I am glad we are all getting this off our chest. I am sure we are not alone.

  2. But you wrote the review! Soooo I think you're square! :) Plus, like you said, they even get a blog post about it! hee hee.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  3. I've been wondering about those BIC "for her" pens too! Have I been using men's pens all my life?

  4. Very proud of you Kimmie, yeah I mean it's good to write the review, fulfill promises, yadda but how have I not known that you could get free books this way?! what?!?!

  5. You're a little late, but hey, at least you wrote it! I don't even want to know about his vs hers pens. So creepy.
    What Lola Wants


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