Friday, March 1, 2013

for chloe

Many times I have said that the blogging community will connect you with the greatest people in the world- some of which you will never meet...yet through this nebulous concept of cyberspace- you are forever connected.

Right after I started that girl in the wheelchair- I was contacted by a friend of a friend named Chloe, a Floridian who read my blog. [Tangent: She liked to write and was also in a wheelchair, so naturally we had some common ground.] Through the wonders of Facebook and the blogosphere, we stayed in touch and would occasionally share our love of the ridiculous.

Chloe was diagnosed several years ago with Neurofibromatosis, or NF, a disease i was previously unfamilar with. The first time we fb chatted, I remember her telling me that she never really knew many other cool chicks in wheelchairs and that's why she liked my blog. Together, we would bitch to each other about the deep and the grossly shallow....from health stuff to Lady Gaga.

Despite not knowing her but being a fan of her similar off color commentary on pop culture [Tangent: Her blog Talk About Pop is hysterical.],  she was the first person that entered my brain when I did my first guest blogger. She knocked it out of the park.

Last night, while skimming Facebook, I noticed several people posting and tagging older much healthier walking pictures of her (a Chloe I never knew). Because this is not my first time at the social media rodeo, my heart sank . I knew Chloe had died. Her battle with NF was done, but she was leaving behind a lot of amazing people who were smothering her wall with funny memories, song lyrics and love.

Had I ever met her? No. Did I feel totally connected to her like we were neighbors and not separated by hundreds of miles and several states? Absolutely. Although some might consider my blogging a tremendous waste of time and creative energy- without it, I may have never gotten to know this amazing lady. I only wish our actual paths got a chance to cross in real life so we could do our planned mermaid fashion shoot.

Chloe, I know I never got to know you well but you made your wheel print on this world and will always live on the interweb for always via Talk About Pop. Thank goodness for blog friends and cool wheelchair chicks who love Halloween costumes and their doggies as much as I do. If you'd like to learn more about NF, please check out this website or if you'd like to donate toward its research click here.


  1. Sorry, Kimmie. There are all kinds of friends. We should enjoy them all!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It does sound weird when you have to explain to people that you have friends that you have never actually met, but that is the most beautiful part of blogging and connecting with people. It sounds like she was an awesome person and through her blog was able to reach many people and leave a legacy of hope and humor!

    1. Yeah it's a weird thing to be immersed in someone else's life and never meet them. You'd have to blog to understand...which I know you do

  3. That was beautiful. She loved your blog.

  4. I'm so sorry - both for your loss and for the fact that I wasn't aware of her until she was gone. I just went back and read some of her writings and she was obviously very smart, funny and creative. I wish that you two could have met and made that mermaid dream a reality. I'm sure that you brought as much joy to her as she did to you.


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