Wednesday, March 6, 2013

high five, travel channel: armed and ready

One of my favorite things about having a blog is that occasionally I get to give big hypothetical high fives to other gimpy people being total bad asses (or at the very least not being lame). This high five goes out to Kevin Michael Connolly, who absolutely deserves one. [Tangent: You may remember Kevin as the guy I wrote this blog about 2 years ago. Btw. he is not E from Entourage. I wrote to him asking writing advice and he basically laid out elaborate steps to how I can get my message out. For that I am eternally grateful and he probably deserves two high fives. ]

Aside from being a really nice guy that didn't move my email to the spam folder upon receipt and instead gave me amazing advice, he is also crazy crazy talented.  His book Double Take: A Memoir is an excellent and easy read and his photography project called The Rolling Exhibition offers a unique perspective on the classic blank stare. [Tangent: Trust me, I have for years tried to master upshot photography and it is NOT easy. It's hard to make a subject look awesome when you are getting all double chin and nostril. However, somehow Kevin does it and I am incredibly jealous. ]

c/o the rolling exhibilition
All in all, he's just a down-to-earth talented MoFo that is just cool for a person...not just for a legless person. [Tangent: Oh yeah, I totally buried the lead on that one.  Kevin has no legs. In Gaga terms, he was 'born that way.' He gets from point A to point B Bart Simpson style on a skateboard, but before you start muttering condescending"awwws"- save it, because he is totally just a normal guy.] To further prove his superhuman awesomeness, he has a new show on the Travel Channel called Armed and Ready.

One would imagine watching a stump of a person jumping off cliffs, log rolling and completing ranger training would be hard to watch, but it is pretty much the opposite. After watching two episodes off my DVR this afternoon, I felt disappointed. I wanted to see more. There is no "womp, womp" or inspirational theme music, it is not slap you in the face inspirational. Armed and Ready is just an entertaining show, one that will likely make you feel really lazy and second guess your prior conceptions of what "disability" is. 

 I encourage everyone who is as cable dependent as I am to watch and DVR this show. This guy definitely deserves every bit of fame and accolade that is bound to roll his way. In Travel Channel terms,  Kevin should be Anthony Bourdain level famous in no time. [Tangent: That way I can say, "hey! I kinda know that guy. He is super nice."]

Also, check out his writings. You won't be disappointed. 


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