Monday, March 25, 2013

my new/old/sexy/vintage/FREE chair

Over the past month or so, I have become completely disenfranchised with Craigslist. Quite unsuccessfully I have been trying to sell some things for my mom at really discounted prices....basically just because we needed the room- and they were literally and figuratively not budging. [Tangent: I know the drill on Craigslist. They should consider changing their domain to because something can be billed "like new" yet it smells like halitosis and fecal matter and the "nice sellers" are extras from The Hills Have Eyes.  Or they come to buy and wander around your garage asking if you have any guns to sell. Yeah, that happened. ] I guess people assume the worst when they see two large pieces of furniture going for $80/set so no one bites, so I have to continue to stare at two extra sofas stacked like jenga blocks in the corner for a month.

Just when I was about to turn my back on the site entirely, the sofa/loveseat combo finally sold to a nice couple who were completely overjoyed with their purchase...oh and I scored the best find ever. for myself...  and, it was completely 100% FREE! Brace yourself, because it's pretty fantastic.

 How did I acquire this? Through sheer serendipity and blogging unity- that's how. About a week and a half ago, I got the following email message from one of my favorite internet friends, Eartha Kitsch, telling me of an awesome find she found on the free section, that seemed amazing but she had no room for it on the ranch. I knew it would scooped up soon, because hell, look at that beauty. [Tangent: Truthfully, I have no where to put this chair either, but I know it would look killer at Jamie's house for the time being until I find a place for its grandeur or we cohabitate, whichever comes first.] After about five seconds, I decided to send them an "I WANT IT" email based solely on the following picture.

[Tangent: We all know that photography can be misleading and this could be just a flattering angle. The hand on the hip/shoulders back downshot of the furniture world. For all I knew the seat could be tattered and coated in cat pee/human blood ....or worse yet as Earth suggested- it could be haunted.]The seller never I pretty much gave up hope that I would even get to meet this possible ghost chair. I moved on.

Then on Friday evening, the seller emailed me telling me they were moving on Saturday and couldn't move this chair because its heavy and they had no space for it and if I still wanted it- it was mine. I didn't want to drive to Madison if i was just gonna be taking it to Goodwill, so I made sure to ask, "Is this chair a trainwreck." They confirmed that it was old [Tangent: Duh. That is kinda what I love about it.] but aside from some wear on the legs it was a good chair- just heavy as lead elephants. SOLD.

We went to pick it up Saturday afternoon and it was love at first sight.  I mean look at that leather. Like buttah!

Thankfully, I basically drive a moving van, so I was easily able to transport this piece to Jamie's house.  This way I could also keep an eye on it in my rearview mirror the whole time.

 I think Maybe Jamie is even more smitten with it than I am.

SO thanks again Eartha Kitsch! I am glad you shared the free vintage awesomeness and good craigslist juju with me. Now my boyfriend and I have joint custody of a beautiful chair that I feel like I should only sit in wearing a mod pantsuit whilst drinking brandy....maybe the chair ghosts will join me.


  1. That chair is FLY!! I'm so glad that y'all got it. The Mister and I went back and forth for a good twenty minutes with "It's SO cool!" and "We don't have room for it!" It makes me happy that it's in a good home now : )

  2. That's so awesome!! I keep hoping we'll find the perfect wrap around couch for our living room for free on Craigslist, but so far, no dice. I'm so glad you and Jamie can share joint custody of this bad boy.

  3. That is definitely a sexy manbeast of a chair. And free!! The best kind! :D

    1. I think I am 200x more obsessed with it bc it was free


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