Monday, March 4, 2013

Tootsie Doubtfire?

Because of the Oscars and my inordinate amount of free time, I have become obsessed with seeing classic film that I really should have seen by now. [Tangent:...movies I haven't seen because I was previously  too busy watching Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead for the 40th time. This similar urge has struck me before- when I graduated college, moved home and discovered mail order Netflix.] I consider myself a film enthusiast, yet I have never seen Dances with Wolves or Casablanca, so I tried to make a goal, like seeing all of the Top 100 AFI movies [Tangent: I have seen 34/100.] or seeing all the best picture nominees....but that just seemed easy/predictable and do I really wanna watch some of those? NO.  

Instead I just opted to keep a running list of movies that seem like classics, and thus should be seen by everyone...or weird movies that no one has heard of but my ginger. [Tangent: My fella has a total nerd boner for old, and possibly foreign, sci-fi or horror movies....I am trying to embrace them because he watched Love Actually and Amelie for me. Relationships are give and take.]   In the last week, I have moved Rosemary's Baby and Tootsie from my "wanna watch" to my "watched" list. [Tangent: Rosemary's Baby was so good...and not scary like I thought it would be. It was more darkly weird and peppered with ridiculously eccentric old people. Both are plusses for me.] 

Tootsie  was absolutely fabulous and completely engaging, but was it Oscar caliber? I'm not so least not by today's view that everything has to have a message or a dramatically confusing/sad ending. [Tangent: I'm looking at you Beasts of the Southern Wild.] It threw me for a loop that Oscar winning movie could also be a movie about a protagonist in drag...who was on a soap opera and features not only a photoshoot/costume change montage but a theme song with the main character's name in it! SO KITSCHY! 

[Tangent: I kinda live for a photoshoot/costume change montage and think maybe that's what Argo was missing.   In fact, I loved it so much so that I tried to find that scene on youtube to share with you who haven't seen it. However, this is all I could find when I searched "Tootsie photo shoot"- Some lady dressing up her yorkshire terrier, presumably named Tootsie, in an assortment of costumes and putting it over an Afro-beat.] 

Also, I realized while watching that Tootsie is more or less like watching Mrs. Doubtfire . OK, I realize the latter was released 10 years later (and could thus use "Dude Looks Like a Lady" in the soundtrack), but they are more or less the same movie. Out of work actor gets desperate and takes on the role of a woman to achieve his/her goal...hilarity ensues. Even their promotional materials look similar. 

Did Mrs. Doubtfire get an Oscar nod, though? Of course not. So, despite the fact that no one cares, I am gonna get on my soapbox about something that is irrelevant because it happened 20 years ago, [Tangent: Good god, even typing that made me feel like my oseteoporosis was about to set in.] I'm going to make my argument of why Mrs. Doubtfire should have gotten an Oscar.
  •  It stars Oscar winning thespians Robin Williams and Sally Field.
  • The main character uses a foreign accent and plays dual roles
  • 2 words: Harvey Firestein!!
  • That little girl from Matilda is in it and her lisp is gosh darned precious 
  • At one point the main character catches her fake boobs on fire and puts them out using pot lids. 
  • Matthew Lawrence mullet 
Are you still not convinced? Oh well, at least it got an award for makeup and I don't think they give Academy Awards retroactively anyway. [Tangent: If they did, I would be making arguments for Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and The Craft. ]


  1. oh my gosh i LOVED mrs doubtfire when i was a kid. and i somehow never realized harvey feirestein's character was gay! haha!

    1. you were the opposite of me. I thought everyone was gay when I was little...even if I wasn't 100% sure what that entailed

  2. I love both of these movies, but besides my undying platonic girl crush on Jessica Lange, I love Mrs. Doubtfire more. Oscar or no oscar, that movie was my JAM circa 1993. I really don't know how many times I've seen it...isn't it funny when you think about movies you watched as a kid and how MANY TIMES you watched them?

    1. After American Horror STory (season 1)- I am butt crazy obsessed with her. Like I think she's beautiful, but she also might cut my throat while I'm sleeping....really the perfect combo

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