Monday, March 11, 2013

totally looks like: obama dog edition.

What a gosh darned pretty weekend! Longer days! Sunshine! Doggies!  [Tangent: No, Holly Hobbie did not take over  my keyboard, I am just in a pleasant mood. Accept it and move on.] What is causing all this sunshine and lollipops? Well,  I spent a couple days in Chattanooga visiting my sister. A few weeks ago, she got 2 Portuguese Water Dog puppies , so it was really just a matter of time before I needed to take in all this Obama dog cuteness!

Brace yourself, because the force of the adorability is slightly jarring. Pardon the photog skills, but they are basically just little black lumps of fluff and do not photograph as they should.

Meet Lulee. 

Meet Boomer.
 Her and her fella could not come to a decision on which baby to get, so they got both because the person was giving them away and my sister is convinced they are best friends and she couldn't break them up because they were practically hugging each other. [Tangent: Clearly, I am not the only ridiculous one in my family.] Since they are just 10 weeks old, they are probably at peak cuteness, even though they are actually bigger now than both my pets. [Tangent: Do you all ever watch Too Cute on Animal Planet? Basically I feel like that was my life all weekend...awkward litle puff balls running everywhere. ] 

Although Boomer is probably more conventionally cute, I liked Lulee because she looked slightly askew and chewed on and loved to lay on my head...which is endearing in its own way.

After looking at that sweet faces for an entire day, I finally placed where I had seen them before. Both dogs looked like those Mexican dog faced people.

Fairly spot on, no? As I looked at them, I just got a vision of Robert Downey Jr's character in Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. [Tangent: Have any of you seen this movie because for a long time I thought it was all a fever dream. I mean, RDJ as a dog faced man who falls for Nicole Kidman...and then Nicole shaves him and makes him into a hairshirt. Despite my vivid memory of watching it one night on cable, it seemed like something I may have concocted after an ill advised late night Taco Bell run. But, no- the Internet validated me and it exists.]

I hope my sister doesn't decide to shave them and make them into a coat....because that would be weird. Anyway- happy daylight savings, ya'll!


  1. Two things.

    1) YES I watch Too Cute! Puppies
    2) I think I had the same dream about RDJ as a dog last night. That movie is NOT on my to-watch list :/

    1. It shouldn't be. It's not very good....considering its not even an biopic...its just a bunch of madeup stories about this photographer. Also, too cute puppies is the best.

  2. Super cute puppies!!

    I have not seen that movie. It sounds bizarre and intriguing, but I'm disappointed it is so heavily fictionalized!

    1. I didn't know much about DIane Arbus when I saw it, but I have learned a lot since and was kinda mad they didn't do just a straight up biopic. It seems she was interesting enough on her own...without all this junk thrown in.

  3. This post was kind of a rollercoaster ride.

    I was all "awwwwww!" :)

    And then I saw the last pic and went "Ugggggggggh!" :-p

    I can't believe that film is REAL. WOW!

    1. I like to keep it interesting! :) and yes after reading the amazon reviews....I can't comprehend why some people loved it so much. It was terrible.

  4. Those puppies are adorable! I know that movie is probably a stinker but I'm kind of DYING to see it. I once got caught up in a "Too Cute" marathon and must have watched eight or ten of the shows in a row. And you know what? The animals never stopped being "too cute" to me. I never got jaded by the cuteness.

    1. I know you're a cat person, but I usually only watch the dog episodes. They are the best. I kinda love the names they give the babies and how seriously the narrator takes his job


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