Monday, April 29, 2013

facebook strikes again: disabled singles

Full Disclosure: I started this blog a few days ago, and apologize for being slightly MIA, but a cavalcade of gross ailments rolled my way last week. I swear, I told my friends it was like I was shortcircuiting, but luckily- I woke up Sunday morning and didn't feel like my entrails were gonna become extrails. 

Yesterday, I had a whole pretty blog laid out for today, but no- I woke up to this picture in my text messages sent from my lovely friend Courtney and felt this was blog fodder if I ever saw it. [Tangent: Not sure why this was directed at Court...but I am glad it was.]

Drink it in. Take a minute. Whoa. So many question rush through my head whenever I see anything like this. How should I feel about it? Should I feel flattered that this exists? Is it bad that I am kind of the opposite- completely skeeved out?

So. Many. Issues.

1. Why always smiling? 

I know A LOT of bitter people in wheelchairs...sadly more bitter ones than ones with I feel on behalf of all handicappeds...that this is false advertising. It's more than slightly naive to believe all disabled folks are happy-go-lucky.

2. I don't for a minute believe that guy is really disabled.

Look at his wheelchair and how ill-fitting it is. I don't buy it.

3. Who is going to this site? 

Not to be mean, but I don't know a lot of people that set out looking for a disabled person to date...unless they are a fetishist or have some sort of inherent complex. Usually we are awesome people, but we are not usually an easy sale and I came to terms with that YEARS ago. [Tangent: Totally feel free to fight me on this one...but I am gonna go ahead and say my theory is spot on, until I hear otherwise.] Not to say they shouldn't, because let's face it we are an awesome people, but I think making it so specific just opens one up for a world of weird. [Tangent: Despite jokingly accusing my fella of being a wheelchair fetishist at least bimonthly, I know he isn't. His clear fetishism is simply for girls that have a dark sense of humor, like Americana music and wear glasses.]

The only way I could see it working is if you were a disabled person looking to date another disabled person...then maybe this would be a good avenue.  Kinda like the for us sedentary folks.

I guess I shouldn't hate on it, I mean whatever means you have for finding love- I shouldn't judge how you do it...but I kinda do. Sorry.


  1. Yup, that's a model.

    IDK, this could be skeevy, could be legit, like any online dating service, depending on the people using it. . . . I met my husband on

    1. Online dating and meeting people is great! I was on eharmony for a while and met my boyfriend online (though ironically not through a dating site). I just doubt this site...and yeah that guys a model

  2. Aren't all Facebook ads, as a rule, skeevy and weird?

    The guy is sorta cute, though, I mean if his smile weren't so forced.

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