Thursday, April 4, 2013

flashback to beachy times

All morning, I have been trying to look for a beach house for a family beach trip this summer. Coordinating 9 schedules and trying to coordinate it with my dad's memorial in North Carolina is a bit overwhelming...but something I am really excited about so I hope we can pull it off.

In October, my family and our assorted significant others and off springs visited the beach we went to annually when we were little [Tangent: I was weened on tiny private east coast beaches. Old people and gray waters are my bread and butter. It's all very Dawson's Creek and I love it.  When I went to Florida a couple years back, I was all, "Wait, What? You can see through the water?]. My dad splurged on an amazing oceanfront house that we all could stay comfortably in and we had an awesome time. Daddy was a rock star that week and drove the 12 hours there and the 12 hours back unassisted and with the help of some 'roids and portable oxygen, he was a trooper. [Tangent: This was just weeks before the Mesothelioma started really kicking his ass so I am so glad he was doing so well when we went. I mean he walked the beach, climbed the stairs and toured a battleship for heaven's sake!]

My oldest brother, Chris, wasn't able to go with us in October, so we are doing a redo because everyone enjoyed themselves so much and we thought it would be what dad would have wanted. [Tangent: Also, dad will be with us technically because we will be having his memorial in his hometown while we are out that way. He can ride shotgun in his fancy little urn.]

Because the search for the perfect house is wearing me down, [Tangent: It is a pain to find one that is big enough, oceanfront, wheelchair accessible, available and not ridiculously expensive.] I decided to look back at pictures from our last trip to get me excited about this one. Now for purely selfish reasons, I am going to overwhelm you with instagram pictures; this is my moment of zen:

Jamie riding something on a historical battleship. I am sure this is frowned upon

the usual aquarium photos from the Aquarium of the Carolinas

fishy fishy!

Jamie's hairy arm petting a shark

my sweet niece roaming the beach


proud grandparents

fairy riding

so quaint

want to go to there

a beach wheelchair is a MUST rental.

i couldn't get inside I made Jamie do it.

that view...

my niece showing that duck face is starting younger and younger.

he sunk my battleship

my favorite picture ever.

my goodwill hat. I love it.

not as big a mouth


we dress alike sometimes not on purpose.
I sincerely hope my family can make it happen because I want more of these moments. Sorry I didn't post these photos when they were actually taken, I have told you people time and time again- I'm really good at the trivial and not always fantastic at chronicling the important.

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