Monday, April 1, 2013

This post is almost as good as Tattoo Horror Convention recap

On Saturday, I was all revved up to blog about my annual trip to the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival, but alas I didn't make it in the door. I probably should blog about something else, but dammit- I'm gonna blog about the convention anyway. [Tangent: I know this seems like an odd event for me if you only see surface Kimmie. Aside from being lured into the Pen15 club in 7th grade, ink has never touched my skin (yet)...but I love love love weird shit and scary movies and pop culture...and more importantly people watching. It's a winning scenario.] The event is held as part of Fan Weekend at the Nashville convention center and is held on an adjacent floor to the Anime Convention. This stew of people in Pikachu costumes and ladies and gents in their best black t-shirts can only be described as a cluster f*#k of ardent individuals. [Tangnent: Truthfully, I know nothing of anime other than it has a loyalty among people who wear transitions lenses and its fans are extremely fun to watch walk around Nashville in costume out if context.

 I wish I loved anything that much because some of the getups (at least the tiny handful i could recognize) were super impressive. I guess if they had a TV drama convention, I would have reason to resurrect my Hector Salamanca look. Dear dream journal...make that happen. ]

Last year we went on Easter Sunday, while most people were celebrating JC's comeback and hunting eggs, and walked right in and waited in no lines- so needless to say we were a bit spoiled with an awesome and relaxing Full Moon experience.  The only person either of us were super thrilled to meet at the 2012 convention was Robert Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds and Nerds 2: Nerds is Paradise (my personal fave). 

[Tangent:or the guys that played Lizzie McGuire's dad for those not as elderly as I] True...he seems an odd selection for a horror convention, so he was slightly ignored by most at a lonely table putting his autograph money in a floral makeup bag. Lewis Skullnick was a huge part of my childhood though so it was good to discover he was super nice and on that day, I became one degree closer to Booger. Dreams come true. Oh yeah, I also saw the guy that plays Candyman getting really aggravated with someone...that was another check off the ol bucket list. ]

This year, we figured we'd get up early Saturday and be there around start time at 11:00 AM so my fella could meet Darryl from The Walking Dead and we could do a lap or two around the perimeter. [Tangent: I'm still playing catchup on that series and am only a bit into season 2 so I wasn't that excited. Darryl is cool and all, but Jake the Snake Roberts was gonna be there, y'all! (Backstory: I had older brothers and grew up in the 80s.)] 
can't stop looking at the crotch. ha.

 However, after waiting in the wrong line to enter the event for 10 minutes and being redirected to a line that snaked the convention center twice, we both started getting twitchy. After being stuck in that line for God knows how long, wed probably have to wade through all those folks to get to any merch booths or see anything- instead we opted to save our pennies and just go eat tacos at SATCO with my friend Alex who also looked a little overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the hoards of people.

Because I neglected to get any pictures to show you of cool tattoos I came across or famous celeb encounters - I will leave you with some questionable "celeb" inspired tattoos I found on the web instead. Let's call it even.
so true

i hope the same guy that got the judge judy tat got the billy mays one.

this Chris Hansen tat (complete with pedo bear) is phenominal.
SO, hope you celebrated Easter is a similarly appropriate fashion.


  1. my friend crystal had a booth and said it was PACKED on saturday! we went a few years ago, but i've always had to work that weekend. bummer.

    1. jamie's friends went to meet darryl from walking dead and said they waited in the line 3 hours. He was charging $40 for a picture and you couldn't get a picture with could only take them of him (they also got there WAY before the convention opened.

  2. Ooh man, that convention is CRAAAAAZY! Robert Carradine was there last year? How did I not know that?!?! I went last year, and ended up playing board games most of the day over on the anime side of the con.

    Sorry this year it wasn't so organized.

  3. I went years ago (when it was in a hotel near the airport - swank) but since they moved locations, I can just tell that there are too many people for me! Wow, any one of those three tattoos are questionable.


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