Friday, May 31, 2013

doug loves movies taping: a memorial day tradition!

As soon as we heard a few months back that Doug Benson and Co. were doing a live Doug Loves Movies podcast taping on Memorial Day at Zanie's, my ginger, my friend Ryan and I knew that our attendance was semi-mandatory.

Last year (as you may remember from this post), we attended and Graham Elwood, one of the comedian panelists, won me a sack full of random prizes based on his movie knowledge and  my Mac & Me themed name tag. [Tangent: I know...I know. Backup....Rewind. What the hell kinda jibberish am I spewing? I realized after trying to explain the layout of the podcast to my mother that it is REALLY hard to explain what goes on at these things, but I will attempt. Basically, the podcast is for movie nerds, so audience members bring with them movie themed Nametags so they will get selected for the finale: The Leonard Maltin Game. In this game, the comedic panelists will try to guess a movie given a category (Example: What's in the box?: Movies where Gwenyth Paltrow is pregnant) and very little additional information. They will then wager back and forth how many actors names it will take for them to guess the movie (this is working backwards. So the first few actors will be ones with very minor roles.) Whichever panelist does this the most times/or fails at it the least wins a prize pack for their selected audience member. Clear as mud? Well, shit...I guess you should just go listen to it here. ]

For weeks, we have been bouncing around name tag ideas. Ryan's was a no-brainer, because as any good man-child does- he owns a replica hoverboard from Back to the Future, but me and Jamie were struggling. Luckily, as you know- I have half-assed photoshop skills, so I made something happen.
yes. I'm blurry on purpose. thanks effects panel!

The whole show was really fun and there was about a 30 minute period where the Fast and the Furious franchise was mocked in depth, so I was of course on board. [Tangent: I am proud to say I have never seen a Fast and the Furious movie...or any Vin Diesel film for that matter. I am 100% OK with that. ] Of course, photography is prohibited during the show, but here are some I snapped before and after. [Tangent: Whenever I go to Zanie's, I usually go to chat with the performers after. They are amazingly nice 100% of the time. Matt Mira, the cohost of The Nerdist podcast was one of the panelists and he was sincerely a really awesome guy. ]
I told them to look excited with their name tags...this is all they gave me

Family picture with Matt Mira. Look how short bus I look! Gah!
Also, while we were talking to them after, I reminded Doug how I like people to autograph things for me super inappropriately so in the future or if someone should someday find my belongings in a 2070 estate sale, they will think, "Wow, what the hell is this about?" Last year Doug simply signed my CD "9/11! -Doug Benson. This is how he signed this year:

  I urge you to get addicted to this podcast as I am, or go see Doug Benson when he comes to town.   You'll thank me later! [Tangent: Seriously, if you have a smartphone and a commute to work and are not addicted to's high time you subscribed to some.]


  1. I love this holiday tradition!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I used to be much better-versed at movie trivia before I started blogging. Now I have no time for such things ;-)

    PS You do NOT look short-bus. I've seen short-bus and you're not it!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Oh I've seen it too. I rode one for about 5 years :)

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