Thursday, May 9, 2013

kickstart I believe in us.

About a year or so ago, I ordered my second round of shirts through Nashville based business DCXV [Tangent: Named after the roman numeral for 615 aka the Middle Tennessee area code.] Upon receiving my "Made in Nashville" shirts, one for me...and one for my sis who were in fact "made in Nashville," I realized I had gotten the wrong sizes and would need to make a swap. I truly hate exchanging online goods so was mentally stabilizing myself for the headache that it can incur when I emailed the contact (aka the man behind DCXV) Adrien Saporiti.

Right away, he got back to me and confessed he was still working out the kinks of the exchange policy, so he said he was traveling out my way the next day so would be more than willing to meet me and make the swap.  Seriously? That's extreme customer service!

I met Adrien for the first time that day, in what must have seemed like a drug deal, in the middle of the Cool Springs Galleria. "You got the goods?" He was super nice and accomodating and even a few months later donated some awesome and now somewhat iconic I Believe in Nashville prints to a fundraiser I was having for The Alliance for Recreational Empowerment. See! total nice guy.

Now a year later, DCXV has a storefront in East Nashville and the I Believe in Nashville mantra has blown up due in part to their murals and Nashville being the new "it" city, apparently.  [Tangent: That still boggles my noggin, a tad.] Anyway, Adrien is carpeing the diem and manifesting his destiny by kickstarting a new project and bringing this kind of civic pride to other cities. [Tangent: If you have never browsed, I implore you to do so. It's a way for fans and friends to fund a project/album/book/movie that they believe in. Crowd sourcing is the wave of the future.]  I

Adrien via DCXV is hoping to share the sense of community to other major cities like Boston, New York, LA etc. I encourage you all to check it out, because not only would you be helping an awesome local business, but you could score some really sweet kickstarter swag. [Tangent: ....and actually the kickstarter donation levels are completely reasonable and the rewards are really exciting!] If it still sounds a little abstract, check out the video below: 

If you would like to learn more about the "I BELIEVE IN US" campaign- click here! I would love to help this great local company grow and expand and share their brand of awesome with the nation. Do you believe?



  1. I hope I can remember to visit this store wen i visit in July. Because i was made in nashville too. and have a better appreciation for this fact since moving to columbia sc.


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