Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Guys. Shamefully, I have been a fairly inconsistent blogger this month. I blame May....every May, it seems I fall off the wagon a bit [Tangent: Blogging wise...not like illegal substance wise.] and get sidetracked by the sunshine and the goings on and I get increasingly crappy at blogging....and I don't even have a hiatus from the internet to blame.  Don't take it to heart.

The last two weeks has been crazy eventful, so I was having a hard time deciding where to start! So I thought I would just give you an enumerated list of mini blogs to explain where I have been and what I have been up to.

1. Job Interviews!

Somehow my resume from 2005 resurrected itself in internetland, and someone out there in the world of job placement liked what they saw. [Tangent: After updating it to include what I have been up to the last 8 years, they seemed to think I'd make a good candidate for hiring. Who knew?!]  A job that seemed really interesting and what I was made to do presented itself and had a great repore with potential bossman over the phone interview. but I was unable to take it because it was on the second floor of a historic building. Total sucksville. [Tangent: He was hoping "That Girl in the Wheelchair" was a tongue in cheek reference he didn't understand.  Alas, it's pretty straightforward.]
I took this picture in college for an art class. It's so dumb, but illustrates my point.

Brightside: He mentioned he may have something that I could do from home in the future. I love working in PJs so I hope that will become a reality.

2. Not Made to be a Metal chick

Apparently me and Rachel Maddow have a lot in common. No, I don't like chicks- but I don't wear earrings either....and there's a reason. Me and metal have never gotten along. It upsets my body's delicate balance.
see no earrings! Me neither, Maddow!

During my absence, I've spent a lot of time at the doctor getting poked and prodded and it seems I am allergic to some metal in my back from a spine surgery....that I had about 20 years ago. Apparently, my body has a very delayed reaction and is getting all pissy with me for putting a foreign metal object in me way back when.

not my actual back...but it could be.

Hopefully they can fix me without having to remove it all with a giant electromagnet. [Tangent: No...that's not how they do it, but I don't but anything past modern medicine. I mean, remember when they gave me cocaine before my gallbladder surgery?]

3. Babies are falling from the sky.

Mother's day weekend, I went to Huntsville to visit my friends Brandon and Laura and see their beautiful little girl Ameilia turn one. There were lots of yummy cupcakes and bubble blowing and a baby drum that plays Todd Rundgren.Who says baby parties are lame? [Tangent: This was also my longest driving excursion to date. I decided Nash to Huntsville would be the easiest possible drive considering its just basically stay in the same lane on the interstate and drive for an hour and a half....but damned if it didn't wear my arse out. Do you know how hard it is on a terribly out of shape individual to drive using hand controls 75 mph on a straightaway for over an hour? Good God, ya'll. Nightmare! Imagine pushing a lever for an hour nonstop. I clearly need to psych myself up before I do this again!]
...but I got to see this puddin' pop so it was all worth it!

 i know I look terrible, but a baby is chewing my brake!

tell me that bubble doesn't look like a penis.

Also on 5/13/13, my badass friend Tyler and her sweet hubby, Bryan, welcomed a beautiful little squirt- Cora Marie into the world. I was so lucky that I got to be there when she was born! [Tangent: I have never gotten to be in the waiting room when a baby came to the world. When my niece, Ellie joined the extra utero, she was in Cali, so I just had to be there via technology. There is nothing like it.] The best thing about the whole thing is that Cora joined the world exactly one year after her mama came home from Afghanistan.  So lucky was I that I could join her for both those milestones. [Tangent: Ty met her hubs while in Afghanistan so I guess War isn't good for absolutely nothing...its good for babies!]

Ty and her daddy May 2012
Ty is a mommy in May 2013

Additionally, my best friend of forever made it official Facebook-wise that she is having a baby in November! Seriously folks. You know I love buying tiny babysized I am about to go broke. [TANGENT: But, omigod!! Babies!]

4. Reunited and it feels so good.

For the first time in years, I got to spend more than an hour with my first college roommate, Andraea. She was my first super close friend in a wheelchair, and I we both hold a special place in each others hearts...besides we shared an unhealthy obsession with Trading Spaces for our formative college years...we are bonded for life.  

10 years difference
 And what do two ladies in wheelchairs do together? Shop for jeggings. Seriously. That is what we did because if you are in a wheelchair, and you haven't embraced the jeggings experience then you need to get on it post haste. Drop everything. If you have to sit in pants all day, you might as well be comfortable and able to eat large meals comfortably. [Tangent: I haven't been inside a Wal-Mart for roughly 3 years, and haven't bought anything inside one for about 5. (the reasons why stated here in this blog) but for real, they have the best colored jeggings right now that straddle the delicate line between looking like actual pants and feeling like PJs. Morals and convictions went out the window, when I could get those 2 things in one stretchy package for under $10. Sue me.]

5. Pizza Gate

A couple weeks ago, my beautiful blogging friend Beth wrote this well-written expose about a local Nashville eatery. The thing went viral on Facebook and it climbed the charts to be #2 on Nashville's Reddit. WHAT!? Due to its bouncing around on Social Media and the back and fourth with the PoPos and the people of 12 South, it has devolved into Pizza Gate! It is now #61, but the reddit commentary is still quite interesting. It's still unclear who was parking in the parking spot, but something seems fishy.

Seriously folks, I've been holding out on you. I have so much stuff stored up that I need to write about. My  iPhone list is getting lengthy. The next few blogs are gonna be doozies.  BE PREPARED!!


  1. We're even cuter 10 years later! I love it (and you)!!!

    1. agreed. but look how tan I was!!! Man, I guess rolling across campus everyday really helped out with that.

  2. Hey, welcome back to the internet!

    It sounds like you've been busy, and that makes me happy. It's easier to have a full and interesting like when you're not like, "OMG, I have to stop and blog about it ASAP." I'm doing the exact same thing right now with absolutely NO remorse. :D

    Also: I LOVE the picture of the baby chewing your brake. Adorable!

    1. That baby believes EVERYTHING goes into her mouth! Yeah...its been a hectic couple weeks so I have seriously been like, "WHERE DO I START!?!?!?" Trust I have a running list of even more things. Oh the woes of a blogger!

  3. I like this. When you spaz and play catch up we get a buttload more of personal, baby lovin Kimmie :)....if one of you're crafty friends sews heart patches on the knees of your jeggings they'll look cute (or not)...I like that baby eating your brake.

    1. Oh will like the next few posts then...its about to run off the rails!! Yes jeggings patches...that's an idea!


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