Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ugh. Some People!: Another blog where I turn my nose up at people being awkward

This week has been overwhelming and harried due to coming off my week-long high from being at ARE camp to starting a temp job on Monday. Even my off days have been crazed, so I seriously feel like all I have been doing the electric slide in a sandstorm for the last 14 days. [Tangent: Is that a good analogy? Probably not. Bottom line, life has been a hectic blur lately.]

There has been so much to write about with this frenetic Tazmanian Devil pace, but I have decided to start by sharing and responding to a guest blog posted on a friends blog. [Tangent: Seriously, that's some Inception style blogging! Am I right?] Since I call this blog "That Girl in the Wheelchair", occasionally I like to rant about disability stuff in the mainstream. My friend Beth from In Case of Fire, Use Stairs, posted this guest blog from a friend about being a parent to a disabled child. [Tangent: It could really apply to anyone who is a friend/family member/loved one/caretaker/boyfriend/girlfriend/father/baby mama/baby daddy etc.]

My main takeaway/ part that left me shaking my head emphatically and immediately posting it on every piece of social media I could access was this part. [ Tangent: I implore you to read the whole thing because it's brilliantly stated, but if you're lazy like me, I understand.]:
Being called a “special kind of person” began to make me uncomfortable.  And then I saw a photo on Facebook that made me realize why.  It was a picture of a teenage girl dressed for prom and standing beside her date—a boy with Down Syndrome.  The picture was charming, but it’s the comments that got to me:

“Honorable move, looks like she made his day!”

“Someone at my school did the same this year. It made me proud of her because she’s absolutely beautiful and could’ve had anyone she wanted.”

 “That is very sweet of her…”
I, too, have seen this viral piece of condescension before and remember it making me itch, which is my default reaction to anything that makes me uneasy. Granted, it is nice of anyone to be nice to people with differences, but they don't need to be glorified and part of some kind of "like if you agree" campaign on Facebook.  Immediately, it came back to me in flashes and I turned my nose up at the whole firestorm of "awws" and "she's a hero!" comments.

here's me turning my nose up!
I cannot express to you how many times a backwards compliment is thrown in the direction of me or someone I love. My best friend used to get it all the time when people would find out she wasn't my sister, and thus not genetically obligated to hang out with me, they would say, "That's nice of you to take her out and hang out with her all day." Ugh! Some people! She would usually respond that it is in fact nice of me to hang with her.

 Sincerely, I know the people are usually elderly or have good intentions as they cruise by me in a Cracker Barrel and pat me on the head before patting my boyfriend or friend on the back and say "God bless you" or "You're amazing" and shaking their head as if they have just seen Jesus turn Stewart's root beer into wine.  I'M RIGHT HERE, DAMMIT! How does that make me feel? Pretty shitty, if I'm being 100% honest.

c/o flickr
 It's kinda sad that I've made peace with the fact that some people view Jamie and my relationship as some kind of Make-A-Wish scenario [Tangent: It always reminds me of the prom night vignette from New York, I Love You.] Yes, Jamie is incredibly patient and kind, and I'm sure he has to deal with his share of shit from other people due to his choice to date me, and for that I always feel a sense of guilt for putting him through that.  But it also makes him incredibly strong that he doesn't give a shit and like Eric Cartman, he carries that "Whateva, I do what I want" mentality  [Tangent: Only further evidenced by his affinity for insane facial hair and oversized old women's sunglasses.]

Who knows? Maybe he'll start a trend. Just like every hipster wants an Asian girlfriend- pretty soon, they will all be chasing chicks in chairs.  Disabled ladies: the ultimate accessory.

 What I do or my friends do everyday isn't inspiring [Tangent: I really hate that word. It's gross. I guess the only thing I would accept to be viewed as is a low rate mentor. I'm happy that with minimal effort and not even trying, I can show young disabled folks not to subscribe to the notion that if you use adaptive equipment or need breathing treatments that you have to be a shut in.] and the roles Jamie and my friends play in my life are not to get accolades or martyrdom. Instead of believing our relationship is an act of goodwill, instead think of it as you would any average normal relationship/friendship: it's highly likely he is just into the same weird shit that I'm into.  Simple as that. And trust, my friends and loved ones have PLENTY of "disabilities" of their own, they just don't get parking placards for it. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mac-Over Part Two: Keycal review and giveaway!

So I bet after you read part one of my self proclaimed Mac-over aka the Slickwrap saga, that there was nothing more to say about the process of spiffying up a laptop. You were wrong.  Although my black keys [Tangent: Not to be confused with the band. I know you weren't confused...and my clarification is unneeded. Oh well. ] are in pretty good shape, I have seen on several forums that the oils from your fingers can cause the numbers to fade and wear off. [Tangent: Damn finger oils!] Because that prospect is a scary one and because you know I freak over a cute sticker like a 4th grade girl- I decided that I would give keycals by kidecals a test drive.

As mentioned in this blog , I am slightly smitten with the keycal labels offered. Although my magpie blood tried to steer me towards the floral rose labels, I settled on the more subdued green ombre,  mostly because I am a sucker for a serif font. [Tangent: ....and golly gee, they are purty!] Although mine were free [Tangent: SCORE!] they retail for $14 and shipping is free, so it is a pretty low commitment way to give your Mac a makeover. [Tangent: Yeah, sorry PC lovers, currently the people at Kidecals only make keycals for Apple products. That is the downside.)

gnome approved!
Although there wasn't a lot of instruction with the packaging, they are basically mini stickers, so thus pretty easy to apply.  I did find that depressing the keys completely when placing the stickers made them slightly easier to center, but they were definitely more dummy proof than the first step of the Mac-over.  

It took maybe 15 minutes and I could easily accomplish it while watching TV. [Tangent: More specifically Toddlers and Tiaras. I have only really ever seen one episode prior to yesterday when I fell headlong into a the marathon vortex on TLC. In fact, I had to remove myself from the house to get myself away from it. One of the little girls was 4 and drinking coffee every morning and another one was the daughter of 2 parents who ran a stripper rental service and at one point in the video package,  the little girl asked a group of exotic dancers to show her some moves for the pageants. Even admitting that I watched this makes me feel itchy.]  ...and look how pretty the results are.

So, I bet you want some keycals of your very own! Well, you are in luck. As promised by my ultra feminine April giveaway, this one is a bit more unisex. Keycals has given me a set of their green game bot keycals , which I love because they remind me of Number Munchers for some reason, to give away to a reader.

 [Tangent: Hopefully I have lots of Mac Users who want em!] I'm also including a cleaning cloth to dust and clean off our 'puter from the folks at SlickWraps. This way you can have a mini Mac-Over of your very own.

To be elligible, you can enter in 2 ways

 "Like" the image below on the That Girl in The Wheelchair Facebook page

Comment below how your greatest/ most traumatic makeover story (pretty much solely to entertain me.)


In addition to giving me an awesome set of keyboard labels to giveaway, they have also given my readers this exclusive offer. Using promo code : awesomelabels, you can save 15% on their merchandise at . Shipping is always free, so you are getring a fairly sweet deal.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mac-over part one: Slickwrap it up!

Since college, I have been a Mac owner. It all started out with a refurbed iBook G4 that I bought with my tax return and then I graduated up to my MacBook Pro, which to date- is one of the most nail-biting adult and bank bending purchases I have ever made. [Tangent: Yes, in the comp wars, I am team apple, but I am not an asshole about it. I don't need to prove my allegiance with a sticker on my car or by belittling your choice to use a different kind of beep boop machine. Truthfully, I do think some iProducts are over priced and unnecessary. However, I took an abundance of college courses where I learned how to make pretty things with them, so now I feel inclined to have one in my life. I also am not a huge fan of viruses and had one too many PC's go sour on me. WOMP! I'm not just owning one so I can fit in at coffee shops or because they are pretty so save your comments.   ] Although, I love and respect my MacBook named Bernie, I know that he, not unlike his owner is a tad disheveled 99% of the time and a bit of a mess.  It's time for a Mac-over! Better than that-  A 2 PART MAC-OVER!!! [Tangent: Whether it be What Not to Wear or Exteme Makeover, I live for a transformation and my sad sad Bernie Mac is the quintessential "Before" subject so this Mac-over seemed written in the stars!]

Not unlike an 8-year-old, I love a good sticker. Previously, I have used some computer skins aka "computer stickers" found on etsy, but they didn't hold up like they should have [Tangent: Nevermind that I bought one for a 15" laptop and I own a 13", so I cut it to fit and it looks super janky! Oops!]  Unfortunately,  it has had its run of camoflaging the nicks scratches and proof of me eating around my laptop. Time for an upgrade!
see...its kinda sad and gross
After researching the world of computer skinnery, I realized they might be that SlickWraps best option for me as they were durable, had good reviews and had wood-grain options so I could make my laptop look like a piece of furniture, which really is what it should look like. I ping ponged between different woodgrains before settling on mahogany, mostly because it sounded luxurious.

I was super excited when they arrived at my door! When ordering, I was pretty much thinking it would just be glorified shelf liners, but it was thicker and had an ever-so-subtle wood grain texture. [Tangent: The quality will surely be needed as it is evident my my smashed iPhone, that I am not good at having nice things.] After peeling off the old skin and cleaning all the mustard stains debris off my computer with a lysol wipe and drying it with the handy included cloth, I got to sticking! //

My contact at SlickWraps had prepared me to check out youtube tutorials like this one before slapping that baby on, plus he told me to use a hair dryer to bend the corners, but even with the tutorial and pro tips, I didn't trust myself to tackle it. Its a biblical fact that I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. Instead, I hired my boyfriend, who is selectively meticulous and has mild OCD to take over the techno-stickering.

Note the extreme yoga posing and looks of intense concentration. I will admit, it will definitely take you a good 30 minutes plus to put it on, but if you place it a little askew, with a little elbow grease it can be easily peeled off and will restick like new. [Tangent: I was really worried that it was gonna be a one shot deal.]

After sticking everything in it's proper place and trying a variety of techniques, I learned that the little smoothing tool included with the slickwraps packaging had a QR code on the back that when scanned would lead you to a site instructing you on how to put the skins on. [Tangent: To me it just seemed like an extra step.]

I kinda wish I would have caught that earlier or that they would have included some good old fashioned instructions for those slow folks like me, but oh well.  I Jamie got it on and looking fantastic and now my laptop Bernie Mac is full time fancy. It looks as if the ghost of Steve Jobs personally hew my Macbook Pro out of a single mahogany tree.

Even though, my SlickWrap came to me gratis, I definitely think they are worth the expense. It's a lot of fun to add some pizazz to something I spend so much of my day. Also, its an extra layer of  protection for my 'puter from dings and scratches without having to use a bulky hard case. After searching through the SlickWraps site, I learned the company makes a casing for just about anything from Roku boxes to headphones. Also, I would definitely follow their facebook page and everywhere else in social media because they are forever giving out exclusive promotions and such; I'm cheap and love a deal.

Stay tuned for part two because there is a giveaway. WHAT WHAT!?!? How's that for a cliffhanger?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

burgundy velvet...if you please

The other day I was messing around on Facebook and saw the single greatest thing ever witnessed by my rods and cones; someone reposted this Tumblr called "Hipsters that dress like Jackie from Roseanne." It was so spot-on and perfect! For the last year or so, I have seen every early-mid 90's trend swing back into relevence. [Tangent: Even the horribly unsavory ones. I was at a show last week and a girl in front of me was moving and grooving in a white sunflower emblazoned babydoll dress. OMG! I HAD THAT DRESS IN 7th GRADE! (only I had the courtesy to have matching scrunchy, dammit!) Constantly, I am baffled and I am just waiting for Jnco jeans to make a resurgence. ] I have come to realize that today's hip young thing is basically dressing like Kimmie circa 1994 and that worries me...because good god, I was not a snazzy dresser back in the day.

Don't believe me? Oh, don't worry- I have photographic proof that I was ahead of the curve. On the left is me in my beloved stretch burgundy velour dress that I wore to my 7th grade dance, and on the right is a similar model I saw today in the Junior's department. [Tangent: OK, to be fair the dress was found at Kohl's, and I know that is not exactly the trendiest hot spot, but still! A burgundy stretch velvet dress in the summer is a burgundy stretch velvet dress in the summer. ]

[Tangent: I'm not entirely sure why my vag was basically hanging out in the picture above. I promise, although it was obviously a teench short, it was not that scandalous. Surely, my mom stopped me on my way out to the 7th grade dance and informed me that the control top on my soft black pantyhose were showing. #classact! Don't worry, I promise no boys were interested...I mean from the neck up, I was 80% braces.] I imagine this feeling of nostalgia is how my mom felt when I stole a pair of her shoes from the 70s, but I'm just in denial that I am old enough to see fashion become this cyclical. Obviously, I love fashions of the 50s and 60s because that's when fashion was classic and lovely, but some of the "comeback" fashions from the 90s just seem like errors in judgement. Courtney Love is no Jackie O.

 Today, I would never ask circa 1995 Kimmie for tips on dressing because the results wouldn't be savory. What's something you've seen come back in style that you are shocked by? Surely I am not alone on this.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A guest blog from Spashionista- Get Out of My Space!

The other day I had a heinous experience at the West End Mickey D's that revolved around someone in a fake Bentley (aka a Chrystler 300) parking half-assedly in a handicapped parking space to where I could not let my ramp down to get inside my vehicle. Even after seeing me fuming and struggling to get in my car, the aptly mobile owners of said fake Bentley walked right past me and then sat in their ill-parked car eating their French fries until I finally had to knock on their window and tell them they were basically being a-holes. This is just a reoccurring theme in the life of Kimmie. 

...but rest assured, I am not alone, and when Spashionista over at The Spashionista Report told me she wanted to tackle a similar subject in a guest blog, I was happy to pass the baton. My rage was too fresh, and thus her viewpoint would assuredly be less obscenity laced. [Tangent: Alicia is the lady behind this guest post. Her title of Spastic Fashionista (aka Spashionista) of course intrigued me when a mutual blog friend united us via tweet! We're hoping to become face-to-face friends soon, because she shares my love of label shopping at Goodwill.] I give you Spashionista's take...

Get Out of my Space!

As a transplant to Nashville I can tell you the single best asset the city has is it’s people. Over the years I’ve lived here I have consistently witnessed random acts of kindness and civility, interacted with genuinely pleasant, courteous souls, and marveled at the collective strength of character Nashvillians always seem to exude.

Well, almost always.

Music City, you have a problem. You just can’t seem to stay out of my space. I’m specifically referring to you able-bodied peeps and your absolute love affair with my disabled parking spaces, my bathroom stalls, and my fitting rooms. I fully realize that these are technically public places, but they simply were not meant for you – and you damn well know it.


I know how tempting is is. You just have to run into the store for a second. You’ve got ten things to try on and you want to be able to hang them all up and sit on the long bench in the oversized cubicle while you’re changing. You have to use the toilet and that great, big empty stall with the grab bars is calling your name.


Except when you park in that blue placarded space you’re forcing me to find a spot wide enough to allow me to get into my wheelchair from the car without denting the vehicle next to me. While you’re preening in the mirror in the disabled dressing room I have to wait patiently, garments balanced on my lap, until you’re finished. Some store managers do worse than that by keeping the disabled fitting room packed with excess inventory. But the worst offenders by far are the inconsiderate handicapped toilet-stall hogs. When I go into a public restroom that is empty save for the one person who has set up camp in the disabled stall to do their business, make extended phone calls, hide from their boss, or eat their lunch (Yes, I witnessed the last bite being chewed and the burger wrapper being wadded up as the stall door opened.) I find it hard to resist the urge to kick the door in and pee on them.


Think of it this way. Imagine somebody you don’t know comes to your house while you’re not home and parks their car in your spot in the driveway or garage. They then proceed straight to your bedroom, lock the door, and change clothes several times, making a few calls as they go. Meanwhile, someone else is camped out in your bathroom using the toilet, cleaning out their purse, and having a fight with their ex via text messages. You come home and find your parking spot has been taken, your bedroom door locked, and your bathroom occupied. Would you be okay with that? Would it be acceptable for a stranger to occupy a space that belongs to you?

No? I didn’t think so.

Next time you get the urge to violate a space set aside for someone who really needs it I hope you’ll think about what you’ve just read. If not, I may just show up at your house.

Images courtesy of Google

let's talk about "Us": volume 2

So guess what guys!?! Starting in a couple weeks, I will be gainfully employed and getting a paycheck that is not dependent on the whims of the Ebay buyers...and it will involve writing! I got a job! It's all pretty exciting and will give me an excuse to put clothes on during the day and be a productive member of society.

However, there are some things I will miss about the lazy life I have lived the last 6 months and one of them is being 100% tuned in to celebrity goings on. [Tangent: Being home all day watching The View and Inside Edition et al, one gets fully primed on everything trivial. I could write essays in my sleep about Michael Douglas's "sexy" throat cancer or Justin Bieber's monkey troubles.]  Luckily, there will always be US Weekly.

Previously, in this post, I have told you guys about how oddly fascinated I am by celebrity scandal journalism. [Tangent: About a year ago, Us Weekly's began showing up in our mailbox. We didn't order them and I would never pay for them, but damned if I wouldn't really miss them if they were to be taken away. I think Rae would too, because I give her  my old copies when they start to pile up. Because of this, she is forever 3 months behind on her gossip and is just now getting filled in on all the drama surrounding the Kardashian weight gain and the Kimye baby! You know, the stuff Pulitzer Prizes are made of!] I love the amount of content they can generate from seemingly inane things. Without it, how would I know about know about these pressing stories?:

It's about time!
who gives a f#*k!?!

the best expose ever!

is he still a thing!?

the best!

Part of me is insanely jealous that someone else is getting paid inordinate amounts of cash to write this kind of hard-hitting copy. [Mid-Tangent: I didn't have to dig very far into my magazine stacks, all of these are examples I found in my cell phone's picture folder. Surely, I can't be the only one who takes photos of things they find in their trashy magazines.]


yes, that's a side-by-side of RDJ and an otter.

me and Mario Lopez's daughter have so much in common! OMG!

They love a good pun!

Even though each issue is virtually the same, and some Real Housewife or member of the Kardashian/Jenner household is featured on the cover, I still hang on every terribly phrased sentence...take this article about Teen Moms gone wrong or example. [Tangent: Why didn't they use the word accuse!?!? I was so confused!!!]

 Tell me I'm not alone on this! Tell me some of you guys read Us Weekly...for the articles.

Monday, June 10, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 30, too. aka Mr. Zuckerburg- butt out!

So today is June 10th and thus is the birthday of my best friend, Kristen. We have been best friends since middle school and I have always been 6 months older. This was all fun and games when I was turning 18 or 21 and could rub it in her face that I could see R rated moves and/or could legally purchase my Bacardi Silvers or Skye Blues, [Tangent: Clearly that shows my age, because those haven't been on the shelves in forever] but now it just means I beat her to to being old. Not. As. Fun.

us at my 16th birthday, when being the older one was waaaaay more fun.
 She's in an awesome place in her life....back in school pursuing a career she loves and married with a babe in the belly, so obviously I want to celebrate it. We did the ice cream cake and celebrating last Saturday,[Tangent: I can't say drunken ballyhoo because, as stated, she is harvesting a human being.] so now I am left with leaving her the obligatory "happy birthday" on Facebook. [Tangent: There are many times, like election season, where having a FB profile is a royal pain in the arse, but there are other times, like birthdays, where social media can magically give you an ego boost. Never are you so popular, as when it's your birthday on Facebook. I highly recommend it to everyone.]

When I went to go try to leave her some clever incarnation of "Happy birthday, Kristen," I noticed the lovely Facebook geniuses have made it where you can send a gift to your friends. Previously, I had noted how it would recommend a Target or a Starbucks gift card to me when I was leaving a birthday greeting for that girl that sat 2 seats behind me in high school Spanish or that one guy I met at a house party 7 years ago, but never have I looked at the other options. Because it's my best friend in the whole wide world, I thought, "What the hell? Let's see whatcha got Mr. Zuckerberg!"

Well these things, which are 100% real, are what Facebook thinks my newly 30 BFF needs in her life. [Tangent: I guess all 30-year-olds shop exclusively at Spencer's Gifts.]

I wish I saw someone using these. I would die.

again. if someone bought me this...i'd be upset.

do people still use shower caps?

hamburger change purse probably means something else on urban dictionary...just sayin'

So, I guess what I'm saying, Kristen, is are you in need of some handerpants or does baby Davis crave a 5 lb gummy bear? Here's to many more birthdays together! This is what we have to look forward to.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Obsession is more than a fragrance by Calvin Klein

Someone really famous, who I don't feel like googling right now once said, "What's the point of life if you aren't obsessed?" Whoever that person is was a very smart cookie. If you've met me in any capacity, you know I get easily obsessed with things. If I love something- I am fairly devoted to every meticulous detail about it. I know a lot of bloggers do "Things I love lately..." consider this mine. [Tangent: I know this probably deserves more than a tangent...but this is my 400th blog! Woot !]

1. Behind the Candleabra
Ever since I saw the preview stills from this HBO Liberace biopic a few months back, I was excited. C'mon! How does this not just look incredible?

So much glitter! So much opulence! So much Matt Damon being pretty much molested by Michael Douglass, who calls him "Baby Boy" and wants to adopt him! [Tangent: So weird...but strangely enough, now I want to read Liberace's biography!] The movie was so much better than I could have imagined...and I saw these two startling visuals, which I can NEVER unsee.

yeah that's Rob Lowe.

winning look, damon! 
I saw it last week and I am still recommending it to anyone that will sit still for 5 minutes and indulge me in blathering on about Rob Lowe's face and the fact that Quantum Leap guy is in it!
2. Keycals!
You probably may have guessed by the fact that my iPhone screen is smashed and that my MacBook Pro consistently has a mustard/chocolate stain on it that I am not good at having nice things. Therefore they need all the help they can get in the "being cute" department.

Several months ago, I bought a colorful swirly skin on etsy for my MacBook Pro [Tangent: Mostly to hide the deep scratches that I got 2 weeks after getting it!], but it's getting raggedy, so I am thinking of ripping it off and starting from the core.  I've been really inspired by Keycals, which I have seen online. I have this visual of getting a woodgrain skin and then getting adorable keycals from [Tangent: Is it sad that I am getting so ecited about putting stickers on my consumer electronics? Probrably!] These are my favorites:

how fun would it be to say "engage" every time you press enter!
 Aren't they cute? They seem simple to apply and $14 seems reasonable for computer snazz. Trust I will do a review when I get mine to let you know if they really do distract from the fact that my screen is coated in fingerprints. They currently are only available for Macs, but has free shipping and you can save 15% when you use the promo code: awesomelabels- so jump on it!

3. Go Bayside Podcast!
 For the last year, I have gotten pretty podcast obsessed.[Tangent: Mostly Doug Loves Movies, Who Charted? How Did this Get Made? Comedy Bang Bang, Rhonna and Beverly are my mainstays.], so when my ginger informed me the other day about a Saved By the Bell podcast, I was immediately onboard. OK- I was more than onboard....I was 6 episodes in within 24 hours. 

The Podcast is called "Go Bayside" and the premise is basically that commedianne April Richardson invites her funny friends over to her apartment to watch a SBTB episode and then discuss it for 30 minutes to an hour for our listening pleasure. I realize that if you are not butt crazy for everything Morris/Kapowski that this might sound intolerable, but to me....I could listen for multiple hours.  Like I feel like I have been waiting my entire adult life to hear people dissect this:

Suddenly, I have the urge to Slater up a chair and rewatch all of them on Netflix [Tangent: As if I don't have them all mentally secure.] just because I didn't realize that the sodas at The Max never have ice in them! This is the minutiae I need to delve into. To check it out click here.

4. This Video.

How amazing is that?!?!?! [Tangent: I wish I had that gig...editting news anchors speech into Snoop songs! Oooh ooooh! Can I manipulate Connie Chungs speech into Ladi Dadi? Wait, is Connie Chung still a thing?] I really have no excuse for being so late to the party on Jimmy Fallon. Maybe it's because I've always been TEAM COCO and was a little wary of anyone taking over his time slot, but damned if he doesn't have the funniest bits. I'm grossly aware that most of you knew this eons ago, but I am just coming to realize it in the last few months.

What are your current obsessions? Trust, I can always make room for more. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I try not to knock you over the head with things I believe in and causes I support and what not....because good god I love a good charitable cause [Tangent: seriously if you are a Girl Scout or having an AIDS bake sale or a cake walk for the homeless- call me..I'm a sucker. Wait, I know that all those examples revolved around sweet treats...but even if they didn't- I'd still be onboard.] however as a blogger, I guess I can occasionally use this blog as a platform for something other than my Full House obsession and freshly instagrammed photography.

For this reason I'm letting you all know (a day late) that I currently have an online auction up at to raise money for ARE summer camp. [Tangent: you've probably heard me talk about this amazing program here, here or here.] This cause is very important to me and is an extended family of sorts to me. I love being a "big sister" to these girls at camp and seriously it's the most fun filled week ever...I am so excited that the program is growing and taking on new campers but that takes that's where you come in.

Using the link, you can bid on items or simply hit the "donate now" button and donate what you would spend on Starbucks or beer for the week. [Tangent: I'm as guilty as the next person of spending money on dumb garbage. Example, I know for a fact I've dropped at least $10 on Candy Crush related expenditures. The point is that money could have more purpose than getting me past round 125 and out of the Salty Canyon and into the Peppermint Prairie or whatever....]

I'd also like to take this time to give a shout out once again to the awesome blogging community. This year I reached out to some of you that have businesses and you totally stepped up [Tangent: this is my annual if you wanna give next year! I'll take it!] Thank you to Adrienne, Kaelah and Lauren (and their respective businesses) for coming through and donating some great items!

Although the auction is still underway till Friday at 9 PM, I'm really proud to have it up and running and that we are more than halfway to our $1000 goal! Wooo!

If you have some time, check our the auction or take a minute to learn about the Alliance for Recreational Empowerment here.

And since you've sat through this, now you should sit through this, because it's all I ever equate with auctions. Thanks middle school country phase! [Tangent: Sorry I am not auctioning off women in the auction. That's frowned upon by society.]

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

hair tips for the lazy and slovenly

I don't think anyone comes to my blog for fashion tips, ever. I'm not delusional...I love fashion and clothes and makeup and all the trappings of being a girl...but I also know as I type this, I am wearing discount store jeggings and an old tshirt. So I decided I needed to share some of my secrets to looking like I put effort into my looks...even if I do it really half assedly [Tangent: Really, it's a fine art at this point.]...because I'm assuming there are other ladies and gents out there that will be able to relate!

My hair is probably the thing I take the absolute least time with. I envy people that get up daily and have elaborate hair regimens and cupboards of hair products, bur I'm the girl that tells the stylist "please cut it so i wont have to do anything fancy to it." In fact, I really only own one hair product, but its one I swear by. Wanna know my must have? Pssst...

No. That's it... Pssst... I'm not telling you a secret [Tangent: I realize this is quickly devolving into a whose on first situation. Ugh.] For years and after trying several others, I can affirm that Pssst...brand dry shampoo it is seriously all you will ever need!
see...even the president endorses it.
  [Tangent: Yes I'm aware that it comes in a can that looks like off brand Barbasol and it is as bottom shelf a hair product as you can get,  but it's under $7 and gets the job done. Also, to be truthful, the new updates on the can design make it look a little classier- this is how the cans I used to buy looked.]

I'm not sure where it got the name Psst... Maybe it's the sound it makes when it comes outta the can or maybe its like saying,  "Psst..I have a secret...I haven't washed my hair in several days, yet look how pretty it looks." 

this lady knows what I'm talking about!

Having dark hair shows grease like a paper bag, but psst... soaks it right up and as long as you aren't over zealous with it, you won't come out looking like you have Stacy London gray streaks in your hair. [Tangent: I swear this isn't even a sponsored post...I am just this blissful about having dirty hair.]

However, spacing out my hair washings and using dry shampoo can leave your hair filmy, so thankfully copious daytime TV watching has taught me a valid beauty tip that I've put into practice this last week and it's thus changed my life. If you mix equal parts apple cider vinegar (or regular if you don't have that variety) and water together and rub it into your hair follicles and scalp before shampooing- you'll have clean and soft hair!

Vinegar + Water = Magic!

do you like the stock photo of hair washing I selected? I swear there were a plethora of funny ones to choose from!

It's like a douche....for your hair. Cleanses the funk right out. For serious, though, try this tip because it works and removes dullness making hair shine bright like a diamond.  It takes minimal effort and likely no expense (perfect in my book!) and bonus points, your shower will smell like Easter egg dye and you will feel festive!

So here are the takeaways. I'm a filthy mess and you better check your cabinets for vinegar and get to Psst'in.
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