Monday, June 3, 2013

All Hail Porter Flea

[Disclaimer: My original post on Porter Flea was erased by some blogger glitch last night. Needless to say, this sent me into a Hulkish rage because the original was long and well thought out. I hope you enjoy reading its slapdashed second  cousin!]

This weekend was the biannual event that I look after with strong craft lust- Porter Flea! [Tangent: You may recall how I wrote about the Porter Flea Winter Market in December...and how it was like a hipster clusterfuck! Walls of people and narrow aisle ways made moving around Marathon Musicworks and looking at crafty goodies really difficult...and also led to a number of run over toes and a knocked over rack of Tshirt scarves. Because of all those woes, I was over the moon joyous when I found out they were moving to the much more people/motion/wheelchair friendly Cornelia Fort Airpark....a place that is literally 1 mile from my fella's house and one that we never knew existed. Live in  a bubble much? ] Although I was going with empty pockets, I was looking forward to seeing all the talent that is around me, even though it inevitably leaves me feeling untalented/lazy.  

Although I didn't take a lot of pictures this year, trust that I was bamboozled by the unbelievable goods up for sale. Because I vowed not to spend, I instead just enabled my mom and boyfriend to follow their dreams and ignore their bank balances. [Tangent: Oh well...I never said I was a good influence.}

Probably the most awesome to me were these works by this super nice Chicago multimedia artist Dolan Geiman. Using vintage and recycled book covers, maps, sheet music, currency, newspaper, ephemera, baseballs, beer name it, Geiman makes awesome collaged works of art.

up close and personal

I loved them so much that I strongly encouraged my mother to buy a print of his piece, The Warblers, so I could stare at it like a magic eye whenever I eat in the kitchen. [Tangent: She did, and I have already spotted a Budweiser label in the bird's head.] Seeing all his pieces seriously made me want to violate with scissors the 30+ years of National Geographic magazines that my parents have hoarded over the years. It's now on my to-do list! Imagine the masterpieces!!?!?

Amid the sea of homemade goodness, the other standout to me were the shirts coming form Isle of Printing. For $30, you could pick which "All Hail..." shirt you wanted and they would make it right in front of your peepers. They were also keeping tabs on which shirt was the most popular. Pretty neat, right? [Tangent: If I had $60 and didn't already own 30 novel Tshirts, I would have definitely added the "All Hail Breakfast" and "All Hail Books" to my wardrobe. Both of these institutions demand my undying respect!!]

When we were there, tale as old as time...Dinosaurs and Jesus were running neck and neck for supremacy. [Tangent: Advantage goes to the tophat sporting Brontosaurus...naturally!]

When I got home on Saturday, and began looking through my pictures, I was kinda irritated that I didn't take more pictures of all of the awesome pieces I saw, but apparently I was still distracted by seeing this earlier:

Yeah, that's right....its a handicapped accessible port-a-potty....and I took a picture of it. How have I never encountered one of these in all of my 30 years on the planet as a bathroom goer? Thanks Porter I truly have seen everything! See you around wintertime!


  1. Sounds like an interesting place. I had never heard of it. It's obvious you're going to have to clue me in on some of your favorite Nashville spots!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. It's a biannual event! You'd love it. I'll try to remember to alert you next time!

  2. i have been out of town for the last two! bummer! but good for my wallet and walls because i always buy tons of prints, even though i have NO room left!

    1. I've always been out of town for the summer this is my third one. There were about 25 print vendors...and they were all awesome. Restraint was hard

  3. look like so much fun. i missed it this time but it looks like i would've done some serious bank account damage otherwise

    1. Its really hard not to. I usually easily spend $100+

  4. That Indian print is BLOWING. MY MIND.

    1. It was even cooler in person. I swear when I come into some money....I will buy him out!

  5. Hello, Hello!
    Thanks so much for the blog-post and all your kind words. We love the Instagrams you took of Dolan's work, too - look great!!! Glad you came by the booth, hope to see ya again sometime!
    All best + keep in touch!
    Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I'm glad you liked the instagrams because the work I saw blew my mind. Hope to see you all back next go round.

  6. I have seen a zillion handicapped portapotties in my time as a former competitive runner. However, I have often seen these potties placed in seriously inaccessible locations. (Like, in the middle of a muddy/hilly field at the end of a line of other portapotties and a quarter mile from anything paved.) Perhaps that is why you haven't seen them around!

    I will admit that as a young runner I tended to try to score one of these because it was the only place I could change into my racing panties (ugh) without feeling like something was gonna touch the inside of the icky portapotty. But reading your post on accessible dressing rooms and bathrooms was super eye-opening for me, so I am glad to admit I haven't done that in a decade!

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