Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mac-over part one: Slickwrap it up!

Since college, I have been a Mac owner. It all started out with a refurbed iBook G4 that I bought with my tax return and then I graduated up to my MacBook Pro, which to date- is one of the most nail-biting adult and bank bending purchases I have ever made. [Tangent: Yes, in the comp wars, I am team apple, but I am not an asshole about it. I don't need to prove my allegiance with a sticker on my car or by belittling your choice to use a different kind of beep boop machine. Truthfully, I do think some iProducts are over priced and unnecessary. However, I took an abundance of college courses where I learned how to make pretty things with them, so now I feel inclined to have one in my life. I also am not a huge fan of viruses and had one too many PC's go sour on me. WOMP! I'm not just owning one so I can fit in at coffee shops or because they are pretty so save your comments.   ] Although, I love and respect my MacBook named Bernie, I know that he, not unlike his owner is a tad disheveled 99% of the time and a bit of a mess.  It's time for a Mac-over! Better than that-  A 2 PART MAC-OVER!!! [Tangent: Whether it be What Not to Wear or Exteme Makeover, I live for a transformation and my sad sad Bernie Mac is the quintessential "Before" subject so this Mac-over seemed written in the stars!]

Not unlike an 8-year-old, I love a good sticker. Previously, I have used some computer skins aka "computer stickers" found on etsy, but they didn't hold up like they should have [Tangent: Nevermind that I bought one for a 15" laptop and I own a 13", so I cut it to fit and it looks super janky! Oops!]  Unfortunately,  it has had its run of camoflaging the nicks scratches and proof of me eating around my laptop. Time for an upgrade!
see...its kinda sad and gross
After researching the world of computer skinnery, I realized they might be that SlickWraps best option for me as they were durable, had good reviews and had wood-grain options so I could make my laptop look like a piece of furniture, which really is what it should look like. I ping ponged between different woodgrains before settling on mahogany, mostly because it sounded luxurious.

I was super excited when they arrived at my door! When ordering, I was pretty much thinking it would just be glorified shelf liners, but it was thicker and had an ever-so-subtle wood grain texture. [Tangent: The quality will surely be needed as it is evident my my smashed iPhone, that I am not good at having nice things.] After peeling off the old skin and cleaning all the mustard stains debris off my computer with a lysol wipe and drying it with the handy included cloth, I got to sticking! //

My contact at SlickWraps had prepared me to check out youtube tutorials like this one before slapping that baby on, plus he told me to use a hair dryer to bend the corners, but even with the tutorial and pro tips, I didn't trust myself to tackle it. Its a biblical fact that I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. Instead, I hired my boyfriend, who is selectively meticulous and has mild OCD to take over the techno-stickering.

Note the extreme yoga posing and looks of intense concentration. I will admit, it will definitely take you a good 30 minutes plus to put it on, but if you place it a little askew, with a little elbow grease it can be easily peeled off and will restick like new. [Tangent: I was really worried that it was gonna be a one shot deal.]

After sticking everything in it's proper place and trying a variety of techniques, I learned that the little smoothing tool included with the slickwraps packaging had a QR code on the back that when scanned would lead you to a site instructing you on how to put the skins on. [Tangent: To me it just seemed like an extra step.]

I kinda wish I would have caught that earlier or that they would have included some good old fashioned instructions for those slow folks like me, but oh well.  I Jamie got it on and looking fantastic and now my laptop Bernie Mac is full time fancy. It looks as if the ghost of Steve Jobs personally hew my Macbook Pro out of a single mahogany tree.

Even though, my SlickWrap came to me gratis, I definitely think they are worth the expense. It's a lot of fun to add some pizazz to something I spend so much of my day. Also, its an extra layer of  protection for my 'puter from dings and scratches without having to use a bulky hard case. After searching through the SlickWraps site, I learned the company makes a casing for just about anything from Roku boxes to headphones. Also, I would definitely follow their facebook page and everywhere else in social media because they are forever giving out exclusive promotions and such; I'm cheap and love a deal.

Stay tuned for part two because there is a giveaway. WHAT WHAT!?!? How's that for a cliffhanger?


  1. uhm. . . *speechless*

    i just. . . i just love it SO MUCH.

    i was talking to nick recently about how i saw a vintage bmw that had a wood steering wheel and how much woodgrain makes everything better and how i now i want a wood steering wheel for my e30. . .

    but, uh, anyway, i think this has surpassed my desire for a new steering wheel. . . like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    thanks, kimmie, for taking away one of my material desires and replacing it with another!

    1. I agree...its like an instant dosage of class! glad I could enrich your life.


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