Friday, June 7, 2013

Obsession is more than a fragrance by Calvin Klein

Someone really famous, who I don't feel like googling right now once said, "What's the point of life if you aren't obsessed?" Whoever that person is was a very smart cookie. If you've met me in any capacity, you know I get easily obsessed with things. If I love something- I am fairly devoted to every meticulous detail about it. I know a lot of bloggers do "Things I love lately..." consider this mine. [Tangent: I know this probably deserves more than a tangent...but this is my 400th blog! Woot !]

1. Behind the Candleabra
Ever since I saw the preview stills from this HBO Liberace biopic a few months back, I was excited. C'mon! How does this not just look incredible?

So much glitter! So much opulence! So much Matt Damon being pretty much molested by Michael Douglass, who calls him "Baby Boy" and wants to adopt him! [Tangent: So weird...but strangely enough, now I want to read Liberace's biography!] The movie was so much better than I could have imagined...and I saw these two startling visuals, which I can NEVER unsee.

yeah that's Rob Lowe.

winning look, damon! 
I saw it last week and I am still recommending it to anyone that will sit still for 5 minutes and indulge me in blathering on about Rob Lowe's face and the fact that Quantum Leap guy is in it!
2. Keycals!
You probably may have guessed by the fact that my iPhone screen is smashed and that my MacBook Pro consistently has a mustard/chocolate stain on it that I am not good at having nice things. Therefore they need all the help they can get in the "being cute" department.

Several months ago, I bought a colorful swirly skin on etsy for my MacBook Pro [Tangent: Mostly to hide the deep scratches that I got 2 weeks after getting it!], but it's getting raggedy, so I am thinking of ripping it off and starting from the core.  I've been really inspired by Keycals, which I have seen online. I have this visual of getting a woodgrain skin and then getting adorable keycals from [Tangent: Is it sad that I am getting so ecited about putting stickers on my consumer electronics? Probrably!] These are my favorites:

how fun would it be to say "engage" every time you press enter!
 Aren't they cute? They seem simple to apply and $14 seems reasonable for computer snazz. Trust I will do a review when I get mine to let you know if they really do distract from the fact that my screen is coated in fingerprints. They currently are only available for Macs, but has free shipping and you can save 15% when you use the promo code: awesomelabels- so jump on it!

3. Go Bayside Podcast!
 For the last year, I have gotten pretty podcast obsessed.[Tangent: Mostly Doug Loves Movies, Who Charted? How Did this Get Made? Comedy Bang Bang, Rhonna and Beverly are my mainstays.], so when my ginger informed me the other day about a Saved By the Bell podcast, I was immediately onboard. OK- I was more than onboard....I was 6 episodes in within 24 hours. 

The Podcast is called "Go Bayside" and the premise is basically that commedianne April Richardson invites her funny friends over to her apartment to watch a SBTB episode and then discuss it for 30 minutes to an hour for our listening pleasure. I realize that if you are not butt crazy for everything Morris/Kapowski that this might sound intolerable, but to me....I could listen for multiple hours.  Like I feel like I have been waiting my entire adult life to hear people dissect this:

Suddenly, I have the urge to Slater up a chair and rewatch all of them on Netflix [Tangent: As if I don't have them all mentally secure.] just because I didn't realize that the sodas at The Max never have ice in them! This is the minutiae I need to delve into. To check it out click here.

4. This Video.

How amazing is that?!?!?! [Tangent: I wish I had that gig...editting news anchors speech into Snoop songs! Oooh ooooh! Can I manipulate Connie Chungs speech into Ladi Dadi? Wait, is Connie Chung still a thing?] I really have no excuse for being so late to the party on Jimmy Fallon. Maybe it's because I've always been TEAM COCO and was a little wary of anyone taking over his time slot, but damned if he doesn't have the funniest bits. I'm grossly aware that most of you knew this eons ago, but I am just coming to realize it in the last few months.

What are your current obsessions? Trust, I can always make room for more. 


  1. I like all of this, but especially the Obsession video. OMG SO CREEPY. I remember their print ads from that era, but I didn't remember this. "Love is child's play once you've known obsession." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. "ahhh the smell of it!" what does that little boy have to do with ANYTHING! I seriously watched it 10x.

  2. Okay, first off, Matt Damon's six pack is sprayed on (look close!) and thanks for another image I can also never unsee (you already got me on the Rob one). Secondly, sometimes I google things like "Where is the girl from Valley Girl who played the short friend?" so I pass no judgement on your SBTB podcast. And lastly, don't let anyone make you feel inferior for not bein "hip" enough to have been watchin Jimmy since waaaay back. For goodness sakes, he used to come on after midnight! You can't help that you were so unhip that you were actually employed and had to get up in the morning. ;)
    Conan Forever <3

    1. I am so glad I could poison your mind with these images. Mission accomplished.

  3. And that commercial is borderline pedophilia! LOL! Crazy!!!

  4. Matt Damon has a very nice ass! Can you tell I saw the movie? BTW, As someone who remembers Liberace well I thought it was great, but hubby and I agreed the Michael Douglas was nowhere near flamboyant enough to match Liberace! It was under-gayed, pardon the pun.

    The Calvin Klein ads were just trying to be as shocking as possible so people would buy their products. It worked like a charm.

    Congrats on your 400th post! I'm way behind you in that department.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  5. star trek is my current obsession. i think i've gone into a new level of nerdom. AND John Waters said "Life isn't worth living unless you're obsessed" which is my favorite quote of all time.

    1. then you definitely NEED the star trek keycals!

  6. OMG, Matt Damon's little bikini tan lines were the highlight for me. Hilarious.

    1. Everything about that movie was brilliant and disturbing...tan lines included.


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