Thursday, June 6, 2013


I try not to knock you over the head with things I believe in and causes I support and what not....because good god I love a good charitable cause [Tangent: seriously if you are a Girl Scout or having an AIDS bake sale or a cake walk for the homeless- call me..I'm a sucker. Wait, I know that all those examples revolved around sweet treats...but even if they didn't- I'd still be onboard.] however as a blogger, I guess I can occasionally use this blog as a platform for something other than my Full House obsession and freshly instagrammed photography.

For this reason I'm letting you all know (a day late) that I currently have an online auction up at to raise money for ARE summer camp. [Tangent: you've probably heard me talk about this amazing program here, here or here.] This cause is very important to me and is an extended family of sorts to me. I love being a "big sister" to these girls at camp and seriously it's the most fun filled week ever...I am so excited that the program is growing and taking on new campers but that takes that's where you come in.

Using the link, you can bid on items or simply hit the "donate now" button and donate what you would spend on Starbucks or beer for the week. [Tangent: I'm as guilty as the next person of spending money on dumb garbage. Example, I know for a fact I've dropped at least $10 on Candy Crush related expenditures. The point is that money could have more purpose than getting me past round 125 and out of the Salty Canyon and into the Peppermint Prairie or whatever....]

I'd also like to take this time to give a shout out once again to the awesome blogging community. This year I reached out to some of you that have businesses and you totally stepped up [Tangent: this is my annual if you wanna give next year! I'll take it!] Thank you to Adrienne, Kaelah and Lauren (and their respective businesses) for coming through and donating some great items!

Although the auction is still underway till Friday at 9 PM, I'm really proud to have it up and running and that we are more than halfway to our $1000 goal! Wooo!

If you have some time, check our the auction or take a minute to learn about the Alliance for Recreational Empowerment here.

And since you've sat through this, now you should sit through this, because it's all I ever equate with auctions. Thanks middle school country phase! [Tangent: Sorry I am not auctioning off women in the auction. That's frowned upon by society.]


  1. Kimmie, I think your auction is great! I bought the ladybug hat for Michele and Ronnie's baby girl. You can just give it to Michele at camp. Thanks!

    1. Excellent! Rachel Fuqua made it so she's bringing it to camp


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