Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more blasts from the past

When I was up at ARE camp last month, I got to do something I don't do near enough...spend inordinate amounts of time with 18 year old girls. [Tangent: I think every girl in her 30s, even those who consider herself hip, should do this every once in a while to show her that indeed she has no idea what teens are into nowadays.] While there, I got to spend time with my friend Kendall, who is 18, and who teaches me via her instagram feed what kids are wearing. I love her mostly because she dresses like I wanted to dress when I was a teen. 
this picture was taken in 2013, not 1993

[Tangent: Apparently, she has taught me that high waisted jeans, cut off with the pockets hanging out the bottom and a flannel tied around the hips are indeed a thing kids post-Courtney Love era are wearing again. Isn't that thrilling?] It makes me happy in a way because it's a look I  didn't know I missed,  but indeed the randomness of it all baffles me. Kendall is clearly not an isolated case study, because high waisted jorts made the list below.

when did tattoos go out of style?

I realize that I have written about this topic before, and you are probably sick to tears of reading about me learning my clothes from middle school are vintage-inspired [Tangent: I mean just a few weeks ago,  I wrote my expose on burgundy velvet. ] but it's seriously something I ponder a lot. Example,  the high-low hem trend. [Tangent: I watched The Voice this last season, and I am fairly certain the stylists on the show had some kind of stock in this trend, because they slapped this hemline on every ingenue that took the stage.]

Every time I see a mullet dress, I can only see one thing....Stephanie Seymour in the Guns N Roses November Rain video. [Tangent: I realize I am alone on this. Remember thinking her dress was so glamourous....that is before she died in the video. Spoiler Alert!] I haven't really decided if I like them or not, but I do know Selena Gomez was but a zygote when Miss Seymour was hoofing it down the aisle.

Which of the trends I mentioned baffles  you most? What do you think is getting tired?


  1. No, this topic will never get overly discussed. Keep pressin this hot topic, Kimmie Jones, I love it!... I laughed a little to see "foot sack", ha ha! Hacky sack is what we called it... I can just hear Coach Suggs yellin at our little band of poser rebels back in high school "Put that foot sack away and get to class!" (a very Freaks and Geeks moment..ahhhh) ... Ummm, I'm not tired of any of the re-trends, but I am WAY tired of the pretentious little attitudes of these "Blossom"-ing young girls... When my 13 year old niece told me I didn't know anything about "her" music I played along and asked her if she liked any of Nirvana's new stuff since I was outta the loop.. Her reply "Kinda."
    I rest my case.

    1. Yeah. I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face in that situation. You are better than I. I, for one, had never heard it refereed to as a foot sack. Maybe "hacky sack" is trademarked. Like you have to say cotton swab instead of q-tip


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