Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my hiatus from being a chicken with it's head cut off

Hey guys. I suck. I'm 100% aware that I have been semi-missing this week. A few days ago I purchased my tickets to sunny California and I am leaving the end of the week so the realization hit me like a bucket of lead that, "Oh, shit! I have a lot to do!"

artistic representation of me courtesy of frank bee costumes
 There is nothing more depressing than returning from a fun trip to a messy that had to be tackled, which would be a manageable task were I not a complete and utter mess of a person. Tickets had to be bought. Finances had to be gotten in line. [Tangent: Made exponentially more difficult because my robot car crapping out on me was an expense that I didn't bargain for.] Arrangements for my pups had to be organized. [Tangent: It takes a village.] New shampoo had to be bought. [Tangent: Why do we as a people feel like we have to buy new toiletries to travel?] eBay auctions had to be ended and the items packaged and sent to their respective new owners. Etc ad infinitum.

However, why when you have a lot on your plate do 10000 distractions present themselves? Like, suddenly I discovered The Killing on Netflix and had to finish at least the first season before leaving Tennessee. [Tangent: It's so good, ya'll. I feel like if you follow me on Facebook that you are so sick of hearing about it, but I am riveted by it!] Sure, this took a solid day out of my planning time, but it suddenly took top priority. [Tangent: So, maybe I have nothing packed and will have to wear the same outfit for 8 days, but I will be closer to knowing who killed Rosie Larsen! It's a decent trade-off.]

 So, basically, I will be gone all next week, but will be posting one day over at Spashionista Report about how it should be a prerequisite that disabled ladies put effort into their appearance. [Tangent: I'll alert you when its up.]

Anyway, happy trails to me...until we meet again! Here's some music to hold you over.


  1. Have a great time! And I am SO with you. I always find some distracting pursuit to put me way behind when I'm supposed to be packing for a trip. Take binoculars. Because I always wish that I had. Do let us know when your guest post is up!

    1. I absolutely shall!!! I am so excited to get outta town!

  2. I'll take good care of your reputation while you're gone Bwahahaha ;-P
    Have an amazing time!


  3. Get as much as you can done and then leave and have fun, girl!!!! :)

  4. Glad you're gettin out of Dodge! Please do a meticulously detailed telling of your adventures when you get back, I am happy for you :)
    Woo Hoo!!
    I'm a last second packer who also, who ALWAYS forgets underwear.

  5. I hope you have a fabulous trip! Yes, The Killing is awesome.

    What Lola Wants


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