Saturday, August 24, 2013

fug mugs : a collection is brewing

When I go inside a thrift store, I pretty much have a flight pattern so I don't get overwhelmed. [Tangent: I do purses and accessories/dresses/shoes/books/housewares and then go check out things like board games and other tchotchkes....meanwhile Jamie is off somewhere in T-shirts or records...two things he literally has hundreds of, but he is always needs more of.] The semi-endless shelf of coffee mugs always beckons me, and because they are usually priced super cheap at $0.49 to $1.99, I  can't pass them up.  If there is one that is particularly unfortunate or bizarre, I generally have a hard time leaving them behind....kinda like the 3 legged puppy at the pound. [Tangent: You may remember this weird strokey faced man mug that I bought for Jamie last year.]  I'm a sucker for an off kilter weirdo.  Behold my isle of misfit coffee mugs!

so so tacky, but it was half off day, and I couldn't leave it behind.

that little weird dude is supposed to be shaped like a human liver. It was a piece of pharmaceutical marketing. I googled it. Although, I haven't yet enjoyed the fun of drinking out of a liver...I'm totally open to it!

I found a six flags mug similar to this and sold it on eBay for over $30. This one no one wants but me, I think.

how ridiculous are these? And now I own 3, so if you want a 70s Run for Your Life mug- I'm your gal.
This is not to say I don't have a lot of pretty vessels to slurp my coffee out of...but come on- UGLY MUGS NEED LOVE TOO!


  1. My flight pattern is the exact reverse of yours. Someone's priorities are way off ;)
    Girl, I love me some kitschy mugs. I get all weird about people goin in my cabinets and grabbin some of the more "choice" ones... but I never say anything, cuz I know it isn't rational to have cups in the cupboard that aren't for drinking... but I am always eyeballin where they set it. I wanna see the rest that I knwo you've hidden from this post ;)

    1. These are the ones I have bought recently. The liver one is only like a week old.


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