Sunday, August 11, 2013

heisenberg me, bitch

Hey! I am back from my sojourn to the West Coast...did you miss me? Well, I am still a teench jet lagged and have a laundry list of things I need to tell you about, but let's prioritize with the most timely...BREAKING BAD IS COMING BACK TONIGHT, YA'LL!

This excites me to no end.  As, I have told you before and as evidenced by my Halloween costume last year, I LOVE THIS SHOW

photo c/o Chad McClarnon
 My boyfriend had tried to sell me on it for a while, but I kept shaking him off because it is not something that would generally fall in my wheelhouse [Tangent: What does that phrase mean anyway? I hear reality show contestants use it all the time so I think I should technically be able to pull it off even though I am not sure what my "wheelhouse" is contstructed from.] I nearly failed chemistry...I have a strong hatred of drug use [Tangent: Long story.] and in everyday life, I would think Jesse Pinkman is completely gross.

...but in the crafty care of the BB writers, all my prior ideals go out the window...I'm suddenly fascinated by the meth trade; I think chemistry is badass and suddenly thuggish ruggish Jesse is a complete dreamboat. [Tangent: In fact it has permeated my existence so much that when I passed a tented home in Southern California this past week, I just assumed there was a traveling meth operation going on inside....and when the pilot announced today that we were flying over Albuquerque, by heart skipped a beat. Sick, I realize! ] I actually started watching it when my dad was first daignosed with a lung related cancer and I know I made the suggestion to dad a dozen times to really just Heisenberg it!

Judging by the fact that I have recently seen more that one posting for "crystal blue" cupcakes on Pinterest, I can only assume others out there are as excited as I am about the premiere this evening!  Instead of spamming my social media sites with all these pictures and videos birthed from internet masterminds, I thought I would leave them here for you.

I giggled so hard

could this be any better?!??
The best two videos you will ever see. Who knew that you needed to see a tween version of Gus!?!

...and apparently I'm not the only one who hates on Skyler. But really, though, she's awful! 

 Also, take a minute to go visit the actually realized Save Walter White page in all its beginner html glory! The donate button takes you to a page where you can actually donate to lung cancer charities...and I think you definitely should throw a few bucks in that direction. And while you're feeling generous, buy me this.

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