Thursday, August 15, 2013

I GOT SOCKS IN THE MAIL...and you can, too!

Look at these beauties! Aren't they snazzy socks? They make me almost excited for fall to come up, because by god, I love a knee sock!!! [Tangent: Also, let it be known that when Jamie was snapping the pic below, for a split second, I felt like a foot fetish model, which made me uncomfortable yet giggly.]

But, really the way I acquired them is kind of amusing.  Right as I was boarding my flight to California, I got the following email from the CEO of Sock Panda:

My first inclination upon seeing the subject line "Mail order bride with enlarged penis wants iPad" was "ABORT ABORT! MARK TO SPAM!" but then my internal monologue was like, "Hey wait, those terms all look eerily familiar and a winky smiley is involved..I am intrigued." [Tangent: They are what I have listed on my contact page as reasons I will NOT be interested in you contacting me or spamming my site with links to knockoff Louis Vuitton bags and softcore pornography.] Clearly, this person was either a complete psychopath or knew that being a weirdo and offering me complimentary socks will endear me for life. This evil genius  had me all figured out, they must know I respond well to creative marketing, so I decided to view his correspondence as charming rather than creepy. Long story short- they had me at mail order bride.

Basically, this email solicitation was care of the folks over at, and after peaking my interest with a bizarre subject line and the promise of goodies by mail- I researched them a bit. [Tangent: As if the mental image of a panda in socks isn't enough to make me fall in love immediately. Is there anything cuter? OK, maybe a pig in boots gets a silver medal in adorability.]

 Here were my findings:
  • Sock Panda is a sock of the month service (you can start at just 4 months and it goes to year subscriptions). 
  • You decide whether you want male or female designs or want more subtle or bold crazy designs (or a mix). My socks shown above were of the more conservative variety.
  • You can allocate the socks to come to you or someone of your choosing.
  •  For a monthly fee they will send you a pair of socks each month. Couldn't be more simple
  • Although they don't show a lot their styles on their website, as to keep the element of surprise, you can peruse their instagram feed to see what you might have in store.
Although, on the surface, this sounds like an indulgent service,  but they have subscription boxes for everything from nail polish to vitamins to why not socks? Imagine what an amazing and out-of-the-box gift it would make for bridesmaids/groomsmen/pen pals/grandmas/siblings/teachers/mistresses basically anyone. Who doesn't love socks? [Tangent: Unless you're thinking of sending them to a double amputee...then this kind of thing may come off as insensitive and there are probably better things that you could send them by post. Get those people a Reader's Digest subscription or something.] They come all packaged in cute little mailers covered in multicolored little stockings! How freakin' delightful!

Who knew getting a pair of socks in the mail could make me so happy?! When I spied it in my mail pile, I felt like I was getting a present...from a that didn't include arsenic or bombs. I'm currently trying to think of who in my life I will be buying a sock panda membership for, because this kind of simple joy is too good not to share with others! I'm pretty sure my ginger is a fan, too, because the nice people at Sock Panda hooked him up too with this awesome pair or Santos luchador socks! You better believe he has already worn them, because seriously, why wouldn't you!?!

So I guess, the moral to this is: Always read your email (even if they seem sketch) because you may get something free out of it...and also go check out because they are cool peeps!


  1. You can buy me a sock panda membership. I wouldn't mind. :)

  2. i can't stop laughing at jamie's sock pose!

    1. hahah. you've know jamie...why are you surprised? Haha. yes he does look rather dainty!


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