Monday, September 2, 2013

Garfunkel and Oates missed connection

In 2013, I've started a tradition of spending national bank holidays with my nearest and dearest comedians laughing to the point of incontinence.  I'm nearly 100% certain that's the intention of labor day, right? [Tangent: You may remember my Memorial Day tradition.]

Yesterday I continued the trend by spending my evening with Garfunkel & Oates with my ginger and my friend Ryan. If you aren't familiar, get to the Youtubes and drink in their NSFW songs. Smart hilarious comediannes are unfortunately not as common as one would hope. [Tangent: I mean if Sherry Shephard is a comic genius...then I am a Nigerian Olympic hurdler.] Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel) and  Kate Micucci (Oates) are like a breath of fresh air for me. Anyone who can namedrop Spiro Agnew and Stonehenge in a ditty about HJs is totally deserving of my commendation. [Tangent: Watch it here unless you hold me in any kind of esteem or are easily religious/offended.]

The show at Zanies was awesome, naturally, and was filled with funny banter and dance routines to Backstreet Boy songs [Tangent: I know a lot of their songs are about things girl experiences like smug pregnant women and douchey men and of ummm... this NSFW loophole. This made me really afraid it would be too vagina-centric and Jamie would hate it, but he loved it.], so I hoped there would be a chance after the show to meet the comedians, as is the norm at Zanies. [Tangent:Also, I was wearing a dress that coincidentally coordinated with theirs, so I thought perchance we could get a photo and we could look like a girl group a la Destiny's Child. The writing was clearly on the wall that this needed to happen!]

However, after the show everyone was asked to clear the building for the 9:00 performance. My group relocated to the sidewalk outside and hung out like vagrants for about 10 minutes hoping they'd we watched three drunk middle-aged women mercilessly flirt with the emcee. We figured Micucci and Lindhome were just foregoing the whole meet and greet portion of the evening, because it was a back-to-back show. We found out later, through instagram and facebook tags that they were selling CDs and giving out stickers inside the very building we were asked to evacuate. Bummer. Foiled again for following directions.

Since I didn't get to meet Garfunkel and Oatsand provide any kind of pictures for this blog post, I decided to lazily photoshop myself into some scenarios. Like that time we did harmonies...

or when we took a group bubble bath in bathing suits!

That was fun. See...wasn't that almost better than the alternative? I guess I will have to wait till I see them next time.  Hopefully it will fall on MLK day so I can continue the tradition. 


  1. head over to the G&O Facebook page ( and drop me a message. I'll see that you get some swag. Bummer that the club didn't let you stay. --SteveR

  2. hit up the G&O Facebook page ( and leave me a message. I'll see you get some swag. Sorry that happened to you. -- SteveR

  3. i'm so bummed i had to work and couldn't go. that handjob song is my favorite. i CRIED when they played it last time there were in town.
    i'm so sorry you didn't get a photo op, but that bubble bath picture is pretty great. did you at least get a free kazoo??

    1. I didn't buy I watched Ryan play his in the alley! It was so good! Yeah, even though I had heard the handjob song before- it was still hilarious!

    2. Yeah. I played my kazoo in the alley. That doesn't sound dirty at all.

  4. Thank you for the recommendation. You would have loved a pair of women I used to see in Seattle when I could ... they were called the Pilots of Tiger Bay, had voices like angels and sang seriously filthy (XXX rated, really) sea-shanties in tight harmonies ... all the while dressed in extreme pirate wear.
    Hope you are having a grand week!

    1. Thanks for the tip!! Yes, you'd love these ladies. Most of their stuff is on YouTube so fall into the hilarity vortex


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