Sunday, September 8, 2013

Greekin' out at the greek fest

Remember that episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse's Greek family, who we'd never heard from before or since, comes to town to visit? Everyone inexplicably wears traditional ethnic outfits and DJ inadvertently marries her cousin by walking around a table. [Tangent: I think it was her cousin. It was about 20 years ago that I saw this episode and my understanding of the Tanner/Kadsopolis family tree was always a bit murky. However, I think it was a distant cousin by marriage so it wasn't as if it was too morally reprehensible.] Jesse is tempted by some Esmerelda-looking random who tagged along with his family and hilaritity and lots of traditional dancing ensues.

Such was my annual trip to the Nashville Greek Fest [Tangent: Well, kind of. Minus John Stamos, but a gal can dream, right?]. I try to make it to this event every year, because I have never met a gyro that I didn't like, plus the cuteness of the little moustachioed gents on their logo overwhelms me.

I dare you not to smile
While I was there, I got to spend some quality with my old friend Beth and my new friend Alicia. It was like a trifecta of bloggers on wheels. [Tangent/shameless plug: Check out Beth's Blog and Alicia's blog post haste. Oh, and while I'm at it, I just made a whole page of cool blogs you should check out right here, so humor me and look it over- maybe you will find something that clicks.]

It was sunny, I'm not high- I promise. Also, note my attempt to dress "Greek"

I, also, stuffed my pie hole full of spanakopita  , which I consider healthy because I focus on the spinach part and not the pastry element. All this while metlting in 90 degree weather and listening to very upbeat Greek music. OPA! [Tangent: I would have taken pictures, but I am really bad at photodocumenting food, because I have no patience and usually just wanna put it in my mouth immediately! ....that's what she said. I know....I know I had it coming.]

We contemplated getting a charicature, but I am always nervous to pay money only to have them point out some flaw I try to ignore. Wait, my teeth buck out that bad!?!? I thought only I saw that. Besides I was too busy heeding the siren song of the giant display of Matroyshkas, as happens every time. [Tangent: I will try not to point out the obvious that Russian dolls are indeed Russian and what are they doing at the Greek fest. I have not yet cracked that unsolved mystery, but I have been obsessed with them since I was young, so I try to ignore their obvious ethnic crossover.] They are so colorful and pretty; it's easy to be distracted.

Gene Simmons, Lehnin and Harry Potter....all legit Greek gods.

 I picked up and put down almost every little wooden tschotchkeon that table...and trust that resisting a matroyshka with an otter on it too some inner strength, but I did pick up some pretty Greek Russian treasures. Behold some badass broaches I purchased:

As we were leaving we also got pulled into a display of men in jaunty vests involving themselves in a dance. Part of this fancy footwork  involved one of the guys picking up a card table with a shot glass of Ouzo atop...WITH HIS MOUTH! [Tangent: Although the dance we witnessed involved 5 men dancing around a table, I don't the rules about going around a table multiple times, as learned on that inspiring Full House applied. They weren't married. Polygamy is likely frowned upon in Mediterranean culture. ]

All this festiveness...and I got to see what my boyfriend would look like as a peasant in Athens, so all around the day was a win. [Tangent: I think swarthy maiden is the term you are grasping for.]
Although the festival has drawn to a close this year, keep up with the event's website to see which dates in September 2014, you can fill your ears with Greek Music and your bellies with gyro meat!


  1. I always thought that Full House episode was particularly odd... Is there any truth at all to that walking around the table tradition?? Where did that even come from??

    1. I have no idea. I probably should have researched that. Oh well. :)


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