Wednesday, September 4, 2013

made in nashville: kerfluffles marshmallows

UPDATE! Since publishing this post, a fire occurred at the Kerfluffles kitchen and they had to close their doors to business. This is a very sad thing for those of us that lived for those mallows. However, shameless friend Jenna, who was my Kerfluffles link/hook-up, is now sharing her awesome with the world in new and exciting ways...bookmaking. Check out her work and get excited about her upcoming online shop. 

In an effort to support my amazing town and talented friends who own/work at small businesses, I have decided to try my hand at a semi-regular feature called 'Made in Nashville' [Tangent: I know my originality cup runneth over.]. Let's hope this one sticks.

I first met, marshmallow maker, Jenna a couple months ago at a Nashville blogger meet up. [Tangent: A few months ago, I got invited into a little network of Nashville bloggers, which has really taught me a ton. The group I met Jenna in is all ladies in their 20's and 30s who really do bolster one another 100%. Sometimes my non-blogger friends don't care about things like search terms or crazy fans or favorite posts, but this group of dames totally gets it and they all have definite opinions and perspective on things...which makes for lively conversation. I'm totally working on a Bravo pitch: The Real Bloggers of Nashville. Andy Cohen, can you hear me? Let's make that happen. I wanna throw coffee in someone's face. Don't make it weird.] She is the sweet sassafrass behind Kitty Cat Stevens, in fact she is saved in my phone as Jenna Kittycat Stevens. One of the first things that intrigued me about her is her job. She is the maker, food stylist and taste tester for Kerfluffles Marshmallows. [Tangent: I feel this occupation is almost fictitious it is so danged dreamy. I imagine it is what I wrote down on when "when I grow up" assignments in elementary school behind ice cream inventor and professional puppy wrangler.]

c/o Kerfluuffles
 I know what you are thinking, "what the hell is so special about a mallow?" but seriously, there are some savvy confectioners out there taking the genre to art form levels. [Tangent: I have written about this before here.]. Kerfluffles are definitely not your granny's boring jet puffed marshmallows. These sweet cubes of yum are made using all-natural ingredients...that means the mocha chip have ground coffee beans and the lemon meringue have actually lemon juice. Having tried her product at other meet-ups and being a fan of her yummy banana bread flavor,  they were immediately on my radar and I knew I had to share the joy of Kerfluffles with the masses, and that they should pave the way for more Made in Nashville Features. [Tangent: Can I just take this opportunity to let you know how many other cheesy pun titles I thought of for this post. Everyday I'm Kerflufflin'; Feelin' Mallow. etc.]

Among the myriad of cool thing about this company, which started out on Kickstarter and is truly an example of the power of crowd sourcing, is that they release new thematic flavors every month and are always changing things up flavorwise. For example, now with September upon us, they have released 3 new flavors, which I have personally taste tested and which are all completely incredible. [Tangent: Especially the Cookies N Cream, which were gobbled down by my trivia team at Flying Saucer within moments of getting them in my grubby hands!]

Triple Berry Chip

Banana Pudding

Cookies 'N' Cream

 When Jenna brought me my sack o' samples, it was a seriously a squeal moment. So many options!  For days after I integrated marshmallows into everything I crammed into my pie hole. [Tangent:Although I did terribly gluttonous things like dip the vanilla bean variety into Nutella, I felt 100% OK with it because Kerfluffles are a low cal, dare I say "healthy" alternative. I promise I'm not delusional. These mallows are free of preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, or sulfites. Most flavors are also gluten- and dairy-free and they have a vegan option on the way. Despite being a carnivore and dubious of things that are labelled "vegan", I tasted it and they were equally yummy.] Like a fine wine, I decided to share with you some of my favorite pairings for Kerfluffles. 

OK, maybe with beer is a little questionable, but I was at a bar when I got the just made sense to give it a shot! The possibilities are pretty endless, and if you have any yummy ideas for what to do with these gourmet treats, post them in the comments! I have a bag left and need ideas. I am holding out for construction of the most decadent S'more ever. If you wanna learn more about this product made in Nashville, click here.


  1. I LOVE KERFLUFFLES! My kitchen counter looks weird without a pouch of them sitting there.

    1. I know. I have gotten ridiculously attached to them. I am rationing my last back while I decide what kinds I want to order. Narrowing it down is hard.

  2. I love this idea for a feature! And also the idea about the Real Bloggers of Nashville. I'd be the oldest of the brood since I'm the only one in my forties. I guess I could be the older lady with the failed plastic surgery that's on the Miami show? I DO mumble a lot.

    I am anxiously awaiting a vegetarian version of the Kerfluffles. Jenna said they're working on it. They look so yummy! They're really pretty too.

    1. You're def the Lisa van der pump! Can you carry your cats around 24/7!!!

    2. Also the vegan ones are pretty tasty. I tested one of them

  3. UGHH I LOVE THESE MARSHMALLOWS. You are right, they are on the level of a teenage dreamboat when you dump them in coffee. Almost makes Monday morning worth it ;)

    1. So far I've just dumped the vanilla ones into coffee but I'm anxious to try coffee with the berry chip. Next level delicious? I think so

  4. Despite having a rather intense sweet tooth I've never been into marshmallows. Perhaps I just haven't had the right ones! Dare I even ask about the calorie count?


    1. These are fairly low cal. You definitely should give them a try. I highly recommend the cookies and cream and lemon meringue...and you would support local business. BONUS

  5. S'more... I'm thinking Reese's peanut butter cup, since you already did Nutella. Maybe work Golden Graham's cereal in there?

    1. That does sound good. mmm...nutlla, peanut butter and the banana pudding mallows sounds intense!!

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