Monday, October 28, 2013

welcome to the world, sweet teacup baby!

Oh my, last week was pretty overwhelming in nearly a bazillion ways. So much stuff that I have stressed about and planned for happened and now I am finally having time to process it! As I wrote about a little over a week ago, last Saturday was my dad's memorial service in his second home of Raeford, North Carolina, followed by a trip to my dad's favorite place- the beach! [Tangent: This trip is one something I have looked forward to/dreaded for some time because I knew the likeliehood that I would be thrown into an emotional tailspin was high! My siblings and mom were all going to speak at this one and ever the procrastinator, I didn't come up with something to say until 2 AM the evening before the ceremony!] On my way out of town, to make things more intense, I learned that my best friend of over 20 years was being admitted to the hospital because she was having some hiccups with her pregnancy at 35 weeks. [Tangent: You may remember baby Claire from this post I wrote last month about Kristen going public with Claire's Down Syndrome diagnosis.]

Though she tried to hold onto Claire as long as possible, the docs decided that the babe needed to come out to get the medical help she needed. So after trying to fakeout my best friend's body for 2 days into delivering that baby, they opted to do a C-section and baby Claire met the universe including her mama and daddy for the first time.

Selfishly, I was beyond bummed to be hundreds and hundreds of miles away while all this was going down, but Kristen and her family made me feel totally involved, which warmed my little heart to no end. We skyped and face-timed while she was waiting around for her to come out and then the night of her birth, she formally introduced me to the sweetest little 3 lb, 14 ounce little sugar bean I had ever seen. [Tangent: Seriously, what did we do before technology? It makes moments like these possible. My almost 2 year-old niece, Ellie, who was at the beach with us and who is no stranger to video chats, nearly broke her neck trying to sneak a peak at baby Claire on the small screen. When I logged off, for hours I listened to, "Keemee, where da babee go?"] So tiny. So perfect.

pardon my lack of makeup...I was on vacation.
Being that Claire already had chips stacked against her with the heart defect and the DS diagnosis, I think everyone was afraid that being a premie was just gonna make it harder on her, but seriously this little girl is TOUGH! She is surpassing everyone's expectations on a daily basis and is constantly wiggling and winking and sticking her tongue out! [Tangent: See the size of her next to her daddy's hand for scale!]

I finally got to meet her yesterday afternoon and she was rosy and pink, and aside from being teacup sized, she looks perfectly healthy! Here's a picture I snapped of her after staring at her for about 15 minutes!

She is doing great and I can't wait for her to go home and meet her older dog-brother, Ranger, and get set up in her sparkley purple nursery! She's pretty awesome and deservedly is already a celebrity around the NICU!
stunner shades already!
 Welcome to the world, little miss! Your aunt Kimmie is kinda obsessed with you already!


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