Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You fancy, huh? wedding invitations in my mailbox

One of the things that comes along with being 30 is that it seems weekly I am going to a baby shower or a wedding. [Tangent: In fact, currently 3 of my nearest and dearest are great with child (Is that still a thing people say?) and I'm mentally juggling baby shower ideas and registries and clever onesie slogans on the regular.]

A planner by nature, I love all the elements of parties that make them personal to the person and therefore was knocked outta my shoes the week I got not one, but DOS unique and well constructed thematic wedding invitations. [Tangent: True, I've never been married or gone though the invitation buying process, but I did help my best friend with it a couple years ago. The options were a bit overwhelming. In fact, I halfway joked that when the blessed day comes that I'd just "go green" and send out an evite or Facebook event reminder...or better yet, the ever personal mass text laced with thematic emoji. (The little bride. The cake. Hearts. The ring.)]I may not know a lot other than I am incredibly cheap frugal, and  therefore impressed by DIY creative touches...the likes of which are unlike anything I've seen. TAKE THAT, PINTEREST!
From what I've gathered from helping my friends plan their nuptials, the invites can get hellaciously pricey, so I'm impressed when friends, who are design inclined, make their own. Basically this blog post is my excuse to show you my really cool mail. Deal with it.

The first invite I got was for my friends Drew and Meredith to promote their October Wedding [Tangent: I am not even sure if "promote" is the appropriate term. Oh well. You can't take the PR major out of me.]. They went with a vintage literature theme that they are carrying through every aspect of their wedding [Tangent: Their engagement photos were Great Gatsby theme and they are using their favorite books as inspiration throughout the affair.] The  envelopes  were even sealed with sealing wax and a monogrammed E with their last initial. [Tangent: I seriously want some sealing wax now. I think the mention of it in Puff the Magic Dragon has always made it a thing of mystery and intrigue. Damn little Jackie Paper!!!]

I have no idea where you even find library book cards, but this was a brilliant idea to me! The opposite side of the book card was a pre-stamped postcard.

Then when my friends Binkley and Allie got engaged, I knew crazy creativity was gonna come shooting out of their every crevice at me [Tangent: ewww... weird wording!]. They have an edge over the average bear because Binkley is a graphic designer and Allie is crazy crafty and has insane attention to detail. Their thematic concept is Travel, which I love. [Tangent: They are from opposite sides of the country. They'll have out of town guests. It seems legit.] Their Save the Dates were vintage Union Station postcards and most of their wedding mail has  included the term "union," which is super cute. 
each invitation consists of a little travel portfolio with ticket and itinerary

Every detail was covered. How cute are those air mail envelopes???

 So I guess what I am saying is that my friends are some amazingly creative people...and when my blessed day comes one day [Tangent: This is not an announcement of any kind. Pump your brakes, people.] I can't just text this to everyone and expect everyone to show up bearing gifts and formal wear. The bar has been raised. 


  1. you have some fancy friends! My invites were extremely simple, but only because my husband and I were dirt poor and didn't want to even have a wedding.

    1. Theres something to be said for being dirt poor and resourceful. Its amazing what you can do on a budget.

  2. I love both of these, but the second one is killing me. SO COOL! And like you said, so very detailed.

  3. wow- I am soo glad I got married years ago!
    (I seriously could not take this kind of pressure!)
    Both of those are breath-taking!

    1. The wedding industry is so overwhelming. That's why I love when people buck the system and do their own thing.


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