Sunday, November 17, 2013

happy birthday Owen, Ramona and Mickey Mouse

When I was a little girl, after morning announcements, the teachers would pull the kids in my grade together  to serenade the birthday girls/boys as we all stood around in our special birthday duds [Tangent: Mine inevitably revolved around lace trimmed bike shorts and imitation keds.] as we blew out the candles on a fake cake made out of soap. [Tangent: You know like all elementary schools...tale as old as time.] Of course, I was never alone in the spotlight, because my birthday is almost exactly 9 months after Valentine's I clearly shared my day with many. [Tangent: I did the math one day because I was so confused why so many times in my life I had heard, "ME TOO" after telling someone my birthday is on November 18th. I beg you never to subtract 9 months from your birth month unless you want that permanent knowledge of when you were conceived. Curiosity is a burden.]

The other day, while reading the incontinence-inducing celebrity birthday blog post of my fellow Scorpio, Mr. Tiny of Wacky TackyI was thinking, "I wonder who else shares a birthday with me?" [Tangent/Spoiler alert: Mr. Tiny shared his with Sinbad and McKenzie naturally, I'm pretty jealous. SINBAD!] Previously, I always told people that my special day was linked with the following cultural events:

1. The debut of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willy.
2. The ritual suicide of hoardes of cult members in Jonestown, Guyana when they all drank cyanide laced grape Kool Aid under the leadership of Jim Jones. [Tangent: Not the Jim Jones that raised me, the one that started a radical crazytown cult. I know you needed clarification.]
3. The holy union of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes....aka the birth of TomKat nation.

Somehow these events were never very satisfying...and two of them seem incredibly depressing [Tangent: Not Steamboat Willy. Mice that drive boats are generally jolly.] I decided to turn to the internet and see who else I could send Hallmark cards to on November 18. Here is proof that many great Americans are Scorpios.

Owen Wilson

Project Runway elf Christian Siriano 

This dude from 40 Year Old Virgin

Kevin Nealon

Chloe Sevigny 
you're welcome for resisting the urge to use the picture of her all disfigured from American Horror Story

Dynasty actress/Chrystal Light Spokesperson Linda Evans
I love this look.

Rapper of "Holla Back" Fabolous

Crazy Eyed Housewife of NYC Ramona Singer
the amount of Ramona gifs out there made it hard to choose just one.

Maybe next year, for my 32nd, I will try to assemble all these people in one room for a kickass party at Disneyworld where we drink grape Kool-Aid cocktails. For my 31st, I am a-ok doing absolutely nothing.


  1. Happy birthday!!

    Funny you should mention Tom Cruise... He's my most famous birthday twin. Also, Montel.

    My 9-month count-back puts me in October. I've always had a ridiculous amount of love for October, so it disturbs me to wonder if that's why...

    1. Thanks. Yeah that is knowledge you can't Un-know. Sorry bout that

  2. Happy Birthday :) I'm so glad you share it with so many in the pop culture world. Feels right :)

  3. I was gonna be all like, uhm no. But then Chloe Sevigny. I love her. :) And you! happy birthday!

    1. Ahhh. Thank you. I also share it with a bunch of athletes...but their names mean very little to me in print...I am not sporty. shocking.

  4. Happy birthday! My husband and his siblings were all born in the 'Valentine's Day Window', grosses them out every year.

    1. hahaha. At least he knows his folks are creatures of habit!

  5. Hahahaha!!! You're giving me a run for my money with Linda and Fabolous!!! I hope you're having a wonderful birthday on this the 31-year-nine-month anniversary of you parents' "special time."

  6. I was peeved when I opened a facebook email today and saw it was your birthday. I needed a little more notice, FACEBOOK!!
    Anywho, I wish you a very happy birthday, Kimmie Jones and I'd like to give a quick shout out to the above lady who shares a birthday with Montel (she must be our age because he needeth not a last name) ;)
    Really hope that you're being spoiled and someone's buyin you a huge, delicious meal tonight :)

    1. sorry boo! Yea, I ate a giant yummy hamburger loaded with yummy stuff and truffle tater yeah...a good day.

    2. Ha! You're right, that probably was an age-tell. :) I definitely remember spending my stay home from school sick days watching all the talk shows--Montel, Oprah, Maury, Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael.... (When I wasn't watching The Price Is Right, of course.:))


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