Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my obsessions runneth over

Recently, I noticed an older post, where I discussed things with which I was currently obsessed, was randomly popular. I wish I could attribute it to the groundbreaking subject matter or my witty way of tackling things like Behind The Candelabra, however, it is more than likely some weird feeder site that is all in Russian with a very vague title like "porno for adult". [Tangent: No joke, it is disheartening to see that so many source Urls are from sites all in foreign characters. Luckily, giant nude thrusting body parts are a universal language, so I get the gist of what their platform is VERY quickly. I can only imagine these readers didn't get what they were looking for. Am I the only blogger that has this problem, or do I somehow have some Russian adult content kingpin who is a big fan and is somehow embedding my links in some way that is beyond my comprehension?] It did make me think, though, that lately a lot of new things were rocking my world. Here are my top 4.

1. Logo's "What?!?" documentary series
 Are you at all surprised that the network that brought us Rupaul's Drag Race could create something else that is just as bizarrely magical?  A few months ago, I fell upon a one hour documentary about the G.L.O.W.  [Tangent: That's the gorgeous ladies of Wrestling for those who didn't watch WAY too much TV in the 80s. In retrospect, this Saturday morning offshoot of the WWF was probably targeted at horny old men, but my sister and I were completely enamored. We thought they were super glamorous and wanted to be them.]  I thought this hour of riveting TV was a single stroke of  brilliance, until I learned that it is a reoccurring docu-series done by the network.

As evidenced by Netflix instant queue, it is clear that I love a sociological documentary, and of course Logo makes them super interesting. So far, I have watched the aforementioned G.L.O.W. one and one about doll enthusiasts, but last night I watched one about the world of male My Little Pony fans...or Bronies. I have gotten Jamie super hyped about these too, so I always wait to watch them with him. Not unlike MTV's True Life Series or Taboo, they are something I always set out to watch and make fun of...and by the end I am always like, "I kinda get it now." Even when grown adults go by magical monikers and have pastel ponies as spirit animals.

2. Afterlight App
As you have likely gleaned from my shoddy photography, I don't have a fancy dancy camera. The purchase of one is likely in my future, but for now I rely on my heavily cracked iPhone to photodocument the happenings in my world. [Tangent: ...and take embarassing SnapChat pictures.]. Because of this, I get excited about photo apps and probably have tried at least 10 using up valuable phone memory.

At trivia last week, Rae told me last week about  the Afterlight app, which is likely old news by now, but it's new to me...and it is a total game changer.  The picture she was taking was in a dim room, and it allowed her to control the amount of brightness she added, so not to turn everyone into a vampire.

Rarely would I endorse spending money on an app, but this one is WELL worth the 99 cent expenditure. [Tangent: I may spend upwards of $8 a week on my Candy Crush habit, but heaven forbid that I spend it on something productive.} Not only are there about 20x more filters than instagram, [Tangent: Let's be honest, sometimes an instagram filter warps the original photo so much that it looks like you are looking at it through an occluded fish tank. Sometimes that is the look you are going for, but a lot of the time it distracts. I'm looking at you, Kelvin.] but there are all sorts of options to brighten, sharpen and change the resolution and color balance. It is basically pocket Photoshop for dummies. PERFECT! [Tangent: I am also currently trying to master vsco camera, so LOOK OUT, BLOG!] Then you can easily transfer the picture onto your social media, and it is already modified.  Here's a gratuitous picture of my adorable niece to illustrate my point:

3.  Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield
 There are times in my life when I read like a crazy person, and others where I completely fall off the literary wagon and barely have the focus to read infographics in magazines. That has kinda been my MO lately, until I read Love is A Mix Tape, which pretty well shook me from my illiterate doldrums. written by Rob Sheffield, in a style that's super relateable and journalistic [Tangent: He's a music jounralistic afterall. He has written for Esquire and Rolling Stone and was previously best known by me as "that guy on VH1 countdown specials who chimes in on what he remembers about the 80s." ] The autobiographical story  is about love and loss and is so honest and gorgeous and never speaks to any cliche'd ways to make you understand love. It is not The Notebook.  I may have cried multiple times when reading it, which made it the best $2.50 that I have ever spent at McKays.

Laced with nostalgia and popular culture, it made me realize it is the kind of book I would like to write. I kinda can't wait to consume the rest of his works because now everything else I try to read is like white noise.

4. The Music is You- A Tribute to John Denver

I am a product of my raisin.' As a child, many of the lullabies by mother sang to me were by Peter, Paul and Mary and The Kingston Trio, so folk music is pretty huge to me and probably has forged the kinds of artists I listen to now. One of my not at all guilty pleasures has been the music of John Denver. On many occasions, I have gotten mocked for the fact that I will ardently sing along when Dreamland Express comes up in my iPod shuffle. It is probably the cheesiest song ever produced, but you will not disuede me from loving it, ever. [To further push the complete cheesiness of this song into hyperdrive, here it is layered over scenes from The Little Mermaid.]

[Tangent: I know John Denver, was about as edgy as a butter knife, but his songs are just so daggum nice. I have never felt bad about my affection for him and I never will.] My dream is to write a musical using only John Denver songs.

What do I love even more than folksy wonderment...COVER SONGS! [Tangent: I secretly think that is why I love The Voice and American Idol so much....I am a sucker for a rearranged rendition of a song I think I know. It's like you hear it in a brand new way...even if it is completely terrible. Here's looking at you guy from Idol who did a beat boxed rendition of Bon Jovi a few years ago.] So when when classic folk is covered by current artists,  my head explodes. My boyfriend gave me his copy ofThe Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver to burn probably months ago, and for whatever reason I forgot about it. Well, yesterday morning I found it in my iTunes and suspect it is gonna be on constant rotation for a LOOOOOOONG time. So good.  My Morning Jacket singing Leaving on a Jet Plane...kinda magical.

What are you currently obsessed with, because clearly I need more time fillers?


  1. oh man, my favorite idol moment was when david cook did "always be my baby" during mariah carey week.
    also, i cannot WAIT to see the bronies documentary!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am pretty sure that I have that in my itunes. God, I loved David Cook...not that I bought any of his albums or anything...but I am pretty sure I voted for him!

  2. if you're into photo editing apps you should checkout snapseed :)

    right now i'm obsessed with sweater leggings (i bought the softest pair!), american horror story, and finding natural bath/beauty products that have 6 or less ingredients in them (bonus points if i can pronounce them all!).

    i don't know how you still manage to get out and do things in the winter (re: you going to trivia). when cold weather rolls around and it's dark before i even get home from work i become the world's laziest bear/slug hybrid and am practically worthless until springtime!

    1. ooooh I need some sweater leggings! WHere from!!??!? I need deats!

      It was still warmish out when I went to motivation to leave the house is null and void when it gets nippy. It's like Gray Gardens at mi casa!

  3. I didn't know you had snapchat! I canceled it because nobody had it.

    1. I just got it a while back because my friend alex had it and wanted to snapchat me. You should get it back, but it is 99% pictures of me with no makeup on and messy hair or pictures of my dogs being ridiculous!


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