Sunday, November 3, 2013

one man's junk 2: return to Dale's

You might recall that last year, when we visited Holden Beach, NC that we got fortuitously lost and stumbled upon a weird mishmash of toilets and mannequins and old cars that is Dale's Junkyard.  [Tangent: I was kinda unclear what the place was. Was it a dump? Was it a store? Was it simply roadside Americana? I'm note sure. I do know that turkeys and chickens mill about the premises to really up the, "Where the hell am I?" factor. Clearly, with all the weirdness- I love this place.] As I wrote here in this blog,  I could never figure out why there was nothing about this mysterious Valhalla of junk online, and since seeing it up close last year, I've seriously became totally obsessed with learning more!

Naturally, Jamie and I wanted to return this year and see what was new. [Tangent: After establishing last year that this roadside attraction wasn't a ploy to murder people, but instead was just the collection of a local, our fear was minimalized.] Unfortunately, when we stopped by to poke around the premises last month, they were closed for the day...again! [Tangent: This was probably best because my raging bird phobia doesn't like the ideas of that live poultry getting all up close in personal with yours truly. I prefer them behind the fence! Some very nice man with a beard (Presumably Dale) did invite us to come back the next day, but it didn't happen this trip. ]Luckily, there is so much stuff to see on the exterior!

the kotex-wagon is still a standout favorite. I told Jamie this will be his album cover.
and this will be the liner notes
 Since coming home, from sites like this, I have learned that Dale's Junkyard which is located on Stone Chimney Road in Varnamtown is more interesting than the copious toilets and weird dummies would allowe you to believe. The "Dale" in question is Dale Varnam and he  has curated this installation over time to promote his scrap business.

 I am so fascinated with this guy. He's like the fanciest of hoarders. [Tangent: I mean apparently he owns cars from The Godfather and a coffin Johnny Depp used in Sweeney Todd. Also rumor has it, his home features a jungle theme room with an indoor hot tub! I really need to know this guy! He's like the Elvis of salvage yards.]. After reading about him, all of the madness seemed to make WAY more sense. You may remember his numerous allusions to crackheads like this, and come to find out on this site,  back in 1988, our pal Dale avoided prison time on three dozen cocaine trafficking charges after helping investigators indict 70 others in a huge sting operation.  So he comes by all the anti-drug references naturally. 

Apparently, lots of other folks have caught the Dale fever because the folks from American Pickers have apparently been by to pay him a visit [Tangent: How I have missed that episode with as much reality TV as I watch...I will never know!] and some guy who misspells the word mannequins on this site is proposing a documentary feature, which of course will be added to my Netflix queue immediately should it get funding.

Hopefully the third time will be a charm and the next time we visit coastal Carolina, we'll meet the man, the myth the legend of junk.


  1. I remember reading the first trip like it was yesterday! A year went by so fast, wow!
    This is definitely a place I would love to see one day, Kimmie. I am googling Dale, as well........

    1. Crazy, right? I'm so fascinated with this guy! His displays are crazy awesome


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