Tuesday, November 5, 2013

sand is not the enemy

While I was at the beach end of October, I posted some photos of my various social media sites and within minutes, I was getting barraged with messages and questions asking what the weird contraption with the crazy bubble wheels was all about.

[Tangent: I realize I look horribly uncomfortable, but I really wasn't. The chair was slightly ill fitting for 90 lb me, so I had to prop myself up with lots of  pillows and towels. Between that and my chunky "fall at the beach sweater" - my sister said all she could see was Barbara Hershey's character from Beaches. I tend to agree that I am just a floppy hat away from hearing "Wind Beneath my Wings" start playing in the background.]

see what I mean.
Basically, at a young age, I realized that asking someone to push my wheelchair at the beach was pretty much like asking them to eviscerate themselves. Pushing me through piles of sand was torturous for whoever was at the helm. [Tangent: Even though I have never been the pusher, all the grunts and groans I hear lead me to believe that it is a complete pain in the ass. I have heard it likened to using only your arms to drag your body through sticky oatmeal. It's a completely futile struggle.] About 15 years ago, when I got too big to simply carry to a towel or folding chair, my dad looked into options, and come to find out an option existed- the BEACH CHAIR!

Dad-I know you are probably yelling at me from the afterlife for putting your naked torso online, but it's helping illustrate my point. Sorry, daddy.
Of course, once we realized they were a thing, we weren't gonna buy one. Luckily, for a fee, most rental places or area chambers of commerce have a beach chair you can rent for a daily or weekly rate. [Tangent: The fee completely varies. Years ago, it was a free service from the chamber of commerce. Today in Coastal NC, it was about $100 for the whole week. When I was in Florida, it was steep- over $100 a day (but totally worth it to my friends who all chipped in because they dreaded pushing me that they each probably would've given a kidney if that was the price.] The rental companies usually even pick it up and drop it off. It's a pretty sweet deal and makes beach time 1000% easier.

it's much easier to find a pusher.

There are a ridiculous number of incarnations of a beach wheelchair, but the tie that binds all the designs together is the lightweight frame and HUGE plastic wheels, that act kinda like buoys.  [Tangent: It's basically PVC pipe with little lawn chair slings.  You can run these suckers basically down into the water and they float like a dream.] Hope that clears some things up and for the love,  if you are in a chair and love the beach, save your pennies to rent one. They are a game changer. 

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