Thursday, November 7, 2013

signs signs...everwhere are signs

Every year of my childhood we went to Holden Beach, NC [Tangent: I know only like 2 people I know have ever heard of it. It's an adorably quaint private beach island off the coast of North Carolina...about an hour from Wilmington and an 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach.] Until last year, I had not been back to this particular beach since the early 90s and part of me hoped it was exactly the same...and it was.

The degree of familiarity was next level eerie. EVERYTHING WAS THE EXACT SAME. The beach's main drag has not been touched since I was 10 years old. [Tangent: Neither had most of the place. The pier still featured the exact same 80s beeping and booping Space Invaders game and I'll wager a lot of those coconut monkeys in the souvenir shops have sat on the shelves since the first Bush administration.] It was like going to visit a old-timey attraction where they talk in pioneer speak and want everything to look untouched by society/technology. Everything there is circa 1988. Because we went in the off-season, everything was also closed and deserted which always adds an extra level of Twilight Zone to the mix.

One the same day we hit up Dale's Junkyard, Jamie and I decided to cruise around and take pictures.  [Tangent: Pardon the wonkiness, I took them out the window, sometimes whilst moving so its a wonder they came out at all. Also  I was just finishing up reading Rae's latest blog about signs in Memphis, when it reminded me that I needed to write thanks Rae for the unintentioanl reminder.]

This is one of the few signs that had been repainted

I used to love this ice cream shop, but something tells me Kitchen Nightmares would have a field day.

That font!

poor faceless fisherman
I'm not sure if its the salty air or what, but every standing sign seriously looked like it had been unearthed from a hoarders barn on American Pickers. Don't get me wrong, I love the vintage feel, but they could use a little TLC. [Tangent: And I'm not talking T-boz, Chilli and Left-Eye!]

Because I grew up there, the original fixtures give me the warm fuzzies. Because  I spent much of my youth at that mini golf course, I find the simplicity and lack of modern tourist traps kind of charming, but if I was 10 years old at Holden today...I would probably be bummed. Let's face it, this waterpark just isn't cutting edge anymore.


  1. That looks really cool in a slightly eerie sort of way. Was the place as deserted as it looks like it would be? Hope you had a fun time at the beach.

    1. I think it's due to the fact that it is the off season and because it's an older private beach. Mostly older retirees

    2. It's always been a home away from home though so I love it because it's not as crazy touristy. It makes me happy that it's authentic to how I always remember it


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