Sunday, December 29, 2013

app happy review: simpsons tapped out...I give up!

OK guys, it has been a while since I have done an app happy review. I used to do them all the time (see here) but lately I realize my phone hoarding is out of control....way too many pictures of my dog and neverending text messages are using up all my space, which makes the real estate on my phone valuable...which means fewer impulse app downloads :( . However recently, after some housekeeping on my OS, I made enough room for a new that I am extremely shocked by. My current app obsession is The Simpsons Tapped Out.

Never in my life have I given a damn about any games like this. I have never had the patience for them. When kids were playing Sim Farm in middle school computer class, I was like, "holla, nerds! I got to get back to my Carmen Sandiego and making locker calendars with yin yangs in printshop deluxe. Nobody's got time to construct a fake farm!" I was also that girl who never got the whole point of those Facebook games like Farmville and Yoville and Sorority Life and Mob Wars and all those other ones whose invites you curse when you get them on a daily basis.

To me they were all dumb and pointless. Apparently the missing link to pulling me on board was by including the Simpsons. [Tangent: Little known fact- I am a Simpson's fan. True,  I haven't really actively watched it in years, but growing up and really through college, I never missed an episode. I remember proudly wearing my "Don't Have a Cow" Bart Simpson shirt to second grade and feeling like I was hot shit! I also still know all the words to most of The Simpson's Sing the Blues.] Yep, it was really that simple and now I am shapeshifting into one of "those people".

Basically the game is to build your own version of Springfield and over time you acquire more buildings and townspeople (Ralph Wiggum, Groundskeeper al) and through completing quests and interacting with your friends who also play the game to obtain more money and power points and even donuts- which have the magical power of speeding up time. [Tangent: I always hypothesized that donuts were magical and leave it to the Simpsons to confirm my suspicions. I want a donut. ] Even as I type all that I realize how lame it sounds...but it's cool I swear. 

Anyway- the game is currently taking over my free time, especially before bed and as I procrastinate getting outta bed in the AM.  At any given moment I am waiting for the Kwik E Mart to generate more scratch off tickets or sending Mr Burns out to walk the hounds...or Ned Flanders out to go power walking. [Tangent: All of these actions are humorous to watch!]

I call it "feeding my tamagochi" because even though I never had one, I suspect that's what it's like....I want my Springfield to thrive so I am constantly nurturing it to a point where I realize what a nerd I am becoming...and I am A-OK with it. If you aren't currently judging me harshly and wanna play, download the app and come play with me! We can deface each others cities and leave each other presents. In the meantime, sing along with me!


  1. ugh, im' so pissed mine is still freaking frozen. never build the frying dutchman. i looked on the forums and tons of people have the same problem with the game freezing and it not getting undone for weeks. there goes 3 months of my diligent tapping!

    1. UGH! I hope they get it fixed...I barely got to play at all with you! I WILL NOT buy the frying dutchman despite what they tell me to do!

  2. Aw, you bought me back to my tamagotchi days, I loved those things and still have my first one and its original packaging to boot ;D This definitely looks better than the other phone games out there. I'm a counsel gamer myself, can't do the phone thing...yet...!

    1. I never had one. I think I was enterring middle school during a lot of big trends (pogs, tamagochis et al) so I tried to be too mature for them!


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