Monday, December 30, 2013

had myself a merry little christmas (as told by my iPhone)

I feel like I am not doing my job as a blogger. After reading all these super amazing picture-laced entries of cool gifts people got and houses dressed to the nines in kitsch, I felt remiss in not sharing how I celebrated.  My holiday was spent exactly how it needed to be, very laid back and filled with food. I didn't want anything fancy so I got things like a giant box of socks and a body pillow. [Tangent: No, I'm not 75, I just have a decrepit body and like for my perpetually icy feet to be kept maybe I am 75. ] Also, I celebrated my two favorite Christmas babies, my mom and my ginger [Tangent: Jamie is born on the 23rd and mom the 26th.] while entertaining my sister and her two 50 pound lap dogs.

To be honest, I am feeling a teench lazy, so here is a recap culled from my phone picture storage. [Tangent: Oh yeah, I finally got a new phone, too! Well, its the same 4s I always had, my mom just paid the insurance deductible so I could get a new one and would no longer be at risk for shards of glass falling from my taped together phone into my ear while I am talking. I'm an adult.] Here are glimpses into what I ate, who I saw and basically how I spent my time around the holidays. Pretend to be interested even though it's in no discernible order. 

the only picture I took of my family's pretty tree...actually the corner of it

my favorite present was a box full of socks! Easy to please!

this is on my tree for some reason.

sweet lulee being adorable

my cozily dressed margarita c/o my friend bethany

I didn't get to see my niece in person, but we skyped like mad! She sang me jingle bells. She's obviously a genius

doggie party on the couch. [Newman clearly wanted nothing to do with it...because he's a dick]
celebrating Jamie's birthday at "Heathenmas" with some of my trivia friends.
celebrated my mom's birthday with carrot cupcakes and seeing Saving Mr. Banks. SO GOOD!

the gift I was most pscyhed to give was to Jamie. It's by amazing local artist Ryan McCauley. See work here.

My best friends came to visit with sweet baby Claire. Here she is posing with my sister! Little dumpling!

my favorite treat: Ritz crackers with peanut butter dipped in chocolate. I'm so sad I've eaten them all.

So what did you do?


  1. We had our Friendsmas on Monday, dinner with one set of in-laws 20 miles south on Tuesday night, my parents for brunch on Wednesday at our place, then dinner with the other set of in-laws 20 miles north Wednesday evening. Phew!

  2. That Joker Art, gorgeous! Looks like a lovely time was had by all :)

    1. I love it. He mostly does robots and a lot of his iconic robots are around Nashville on dumpsters and walls and bridges.

  3. That looks exactly how Christmas is supposed to look - food, friends, family! Your niece is so cute. We tried to skype with my nephew but he couldn't hang...too many toys to bother with boring aunts and uncles! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks. She is a cutie! She got most of her gifts on Christmas eve so her focus was pretty intact...although oddly, she was more excited about the clothes than the toys. She danced around for about 10 minutes with a pair of blue pants. Such an odd kid. I love her.


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