Sunday, December 22, 2013

mail from the white house...just another thursday!

Disclaimer: I try not to wave the political flag on the Internet. [Tangent: It's blatantly obvious that I am a Democrat (I know I're shocked. Ha.), but I try not to be an asshole about it. This is made really hard sometimes, but I am respectful. ] However, I am gonna wave it for a minute just to show off my super cool Christmas card from the Obamas. [Tangent: No, we aren't close friends outside of my delusional mind. but I like to imagine we could be. One of my nearest and dearest, my friend Draea, has been invited to many White House events and even sat on a round table with Obama, so that's a degree of separation, right?]

 I've gotten a lot of amazing cards this year involving people passed out next to Christmas trees or dressed in holiday sweaters dripping with actual garland,  but the most impressive was the one my family got from the White House.  Yeah, I know it's hard to trump that. [Tangent: I'm not exactly sure what you have to do to be on the Obama's mailing list but I think my folks have donated enough time over the years to the democratic party that they get a lifetime membership or something.] And truly, that that's cool enough...but IT'S A POP-UP, YA'LL! 
...and the dogs signed it! How cute is that!

Despite what the cynics say, this president knows what the people want...and the people want pop-up cards with adorable puppies on them!!! In fact, people want them so much...that they are selling them on ebay...and worst yet, people are paying crazy prices for them. 

 Yeah, Jamie and I saw some the other day that had bids on them for $95. Unlike my Lisa Frank trapper keeper that I wrote about selling here,  I refuse to sell the Obama Card. This is historical and whatnot. You gotta draw the line somewhere, folks. [Tangent: Besides they can only accrue value.]

I guess now I have to send them a card, right?  Hope they don't mind getting one in mid-January. Oops. 

PS. In case I don't get around to writing again before Wednesday, hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and/or had a ragin' Hanaukah. Here is a video to help you get spirited away into glad tidings. [Tangent I dare you not to fall down the vortex of parody videos posted by The Pet Collective. Each one is cuter than the last.]


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  1. everyone loves getting pop up cards (or books) but when they find out i have taken paper engineering classes, i want pop-up how to books for presents, or that i collect old thrift store pop up books to study, their eyes get all glazed over and they don't understand wtf i am talking about.

    but i will show them all— I WILL EFFING SHOW THEM.

    anyway, cool story, bro! maybe if you let me see it we can fashion some knock offs and ebay them ;)

    jk lol merry christmas love you bye


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