Thursday, December 19, 2013

treat yo self: giveaway from montagne jeunesse

Hey guys, hope everyone is hanging in there and not going insane in the membrane with impending holiday ballyhoo. If you are at your breaking point and about to hit the hot toddies extra hard, I got some good news... perchance something that will take your stress level down a peg. Get stoked, folks.

 Remember when I got that free box of stuff from Influenster  and posted this ever flattering picture of myself online? Well, apparently the folks over at Montagne Jeunesse [Tangent: I feel fancy even typing that (very carefully while double checking my spelling 10,000x).] were pleased that I enjoyed my glacial facial and wanted to share the joy with all of you people.  They have decided to grant me the power to giveaway three of their fun clay mask products to one lucky reader.
One of you fine folks will get the joy of looking like a cuter version of Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky all whilst making their skin soft as baby's bottom using the following easy to apply masks:

-          Glacial Clay Spa
-          Dead Sea Mud Spa
-          Red Earth Clay Spa

here's the visual
Seriously guys, these masks are fantastic and made my skin texture feel totally was cooling and made me feel like I had just gotten some very pricey pampering at the it smelled really fresh and delightful! I'm a little jealous that you get to try all three.

It's super easy to enter, so do it on the handy dandy rafflecopter entry form below. You know you wanna. You deserve it; you're about to survive the holiday crazies...TREAT YO SELF!

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  1. I'm all about softer skin so I'd love to get my hands on these! ;-)


  2. I'm most stressed about getting the right present for everyone!

  3. Thanks for chance. Soft skin makes me fell beautiful.

  4. The most stressful part about this holiday season would have to be the cooking . My goodness!!!!

  5. i get the most stressed about making sure everyones happy with the gifts i give them.

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    blast. Worst case scenario, you’ll have a laugh about it with family and friend
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