Tuesday, January 28, 2014

hair care gets dirty: the no poo method and naked products

I always hesitate to write these kinds of posts, because I feel like there are a lot of you reading this who are about to judge the hell out of me, but sometimes I just feel the need to over share. Occasionally (READ: OFTEN), I just don't feel like showering. [Tangent: I used to think I was alone, but then this post became one of my most popular and I had lots of people skitter out of the woodwork and emphatically yell, "ME TOO!"] It's winter, which means my skin is cracking off like a magic shell and my hair is so crazy with static that I am a moustache away from looking like a certain German born physisist. This look prevails even after I'm freshly showered...so I start to think what's the point?

I'm not saying I don't shower, but the will to shower more than 3x a week diminishes in the winter and I am completely at peace with that decision. [Tangent: The dermatologist has repeatedly told me I can protect my skin by taking cold showers, but that prospect bums me out. WHO WANTS A COLD SHOWER? If the water from my showerhead is not 1000 degrees like a flood of hot magma, then I am simply not interested. If this means taking them 3 hot showers a week or 7 lukewarm ones, then clearly that's a no brainer. Dirty bird it is.] Lately I have found, through the Internet and other avenues, that I am not alone. In fact Jezebel recently ran this article where medical professionals weighed in on how often you really need to shower. Spoiler alert: It is pretty inconclusive, but there are definitely merits to spacing out your showers and letting the oils in  your body do what they were programmed to do.  I also share these words of wisdom from my friend Laura.

I've also gotten very much intrigued with the "no poo" method [Tangent: Because I am inherently 12, the name makes me giggle, but it's short for "No Shampoo." You can read about it here in more detail.] According to Inside Edition and the Internet, this is the hot new thing. [Tangent: Is it a problem that those are my news sources?]] Frankly, I am not earth mothery enough to totally ditch my shampoo, but like I have written about before, integrating a half vinegar/half water rinse into your shower routine (once a week) makes your follicles really happy and awesome feeling.  [Tangent: Just keep it out of your eyes. That acidic nonsense smarts!] I still couldn't go cold turkey.

As a happy medium, I have just decided to try the Herbal Essence new naked line of products. They are all paraben-free, use mostly natural ingredients and don't leave a lot of residue. AND BEST OF ALL- THEY SMELL DELIGHTFUL! [Tangent: I can't be the only human who opens the packaging and sniffs all my options in the aisles of Target before concluding which hair products to purchase. I have been burned too many times by skipping this step and then having to deal hair that smells like a grandmother's sock drawer until the bottle runs out. Never Forget.]  Of course I picked up their conditioner and their dry shampoo, especially after I learned it had a citrus/mint scent. SIGN ME UP!

For about a week, I have been using the Naked conditioner, and I do notice that my hair remains cleaner longer. It's not like day 1 is my only good hair day....I can get a couple days of my hair looking decent. But the real magic is the dry shampoo. As ya'll know, I will try just about any dry shampoo. [Tangent: Currently, this is my rotation to find the best.]

 As shown by my app-happy depiction above, truly the Herbal Essence Naked variety of dry shampoo is my new favorite. [Tangent: I am not saying that in hopes of someone at Herbal Essences reading this blog and sending my a life supply of Naked products...but if that happens, so be it!] When I find something I get excited about, I feel the need to share and this stuff thrills me to bits. This dry shampoo hits the key high points.

  1. It smells incredible. You can smell the citrus and the peppermint oil, and I LOVE IT. It doesn't have that traditional soapy scent that most dry shampoo has. It just smells like a fancy dancy hair product or a light body splash. 
  2. I feel like I am doing my body right by using something natural. Ever since working with Super Black lacquers and starting to use some products from Whole Foods Body, I've become slightly more conscious of this kind of stuff. It doesn't mean I am gonna start healing myself with crystals or giving up meat, I am just taking baby steps towards understanding the benefits of going more natural. 
  3.  There is zero film on my hair right now. I'm not sure if its the applicator or the substance itself, but I really love that I can run my fingers through it without feeling super matte and matted. It just feels like my hair...only cleaner. Here is my super flattering before and after. 
so flattering. Clearly selfies are not my strong suit. I'm old and should have put makeup on.

Please tell me I am not alone on this. 


  1. I'm kind of a clean freak when it comes to personal hygiene. I can't take showers but I take a bath every day and wash my hair every other day. I've tried a dry shampoo - the name escapes me - and I was underwhelmed. However, I've seen the Herbal Essences products advertised recently so if you say their dry shampoo is worth having I may try it.


    1. Everything I have used from that line, I really like.

  2. I'm going tomorrow to buy that Herbal Essences dry shampoo!! I hate to take time to shower because I have a really hard time returning to reality.... behind that thin curtain and steam is my only solace from constant noise and little people needs, unless I for get to lock the door. Then it's just miserable! Kids coming in to tattle and ask for a sandwich (because obviously I am capable of handling all that while showering because I'm that awesome, right?) And then they always (ALWAYS) leave the door open and all the precious steam and warmth is sucked from my happy place..... so, yes. Dry shampoo just gets past all the inevitable disappointments of my shower time.
    As you know, because I know you remember every single thing I ever mention to you, I use the Suave dry shampoo. It's kinda sucking lately and I'm rally unimpressed with how "matted" my hair is when I use it. It's awful. So I will be trying your suggestion, thanks!

    1. Yeah...it makes showering more of a treat when you do it less frequently...then its less of a hassle and a routine, right?

      I haven't tried the suave, which is surprising because I cannot turn down a cheap hair product. I used to use the suave shampoo and conditioner in college bc ...well...hello! they are 99 cents (or were 10 years ago) but it never wowed me. It got the job done and smelled like apples but didn't knock my socks off.

  3. P.S. I always enjoy your selfies :)

  4. Magic shell winter skin? You crack me up! I tried the no shampoo method a few years ago. I got mixed results. This seems like the better option.

  5. why did you not publish this last week? Our hot water went out and we even talked about how I wanted some kind of dry shampoo. I even boiled water and took a pioneer bath. The struggle got so real.

    1. NAT! I LIVE DOWN THE STREET!!!! Next time call me and you can either A. Come take a shower or B. come raid my dry shampoo supply!

  6. this is great. i am slowly replacing all my makeup and shower products with more ... "aware" choices as i run out of them. unfortunately, i ran out of lotion + shampoo at the same, and the makeup lady at sephora informed me that i should be using something called "face cream" so i left whole body a tad bit poorer yesterday. but yes, i did spend no less than 20 minutes sniffing things before deciding on the appropriate new creams and balms. i need to give dry shampoo a try. i only shampoo once a week and if i can manage to extend that. . . i will be a filthy happy person.

  7. I love being a dirty hippie, and this will make it easier! Definitely trying this out next time I go to the store.

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