Monday, January 6, 2014

My So-Called New Years Eve

Is it too late to talk about what an awesome New Year's Eve I had? Probably, but oh well, it's frigid outside and I need to stay inside and be warm and productive, so better late than never, huh? Anyway, as alluded to in this hip hop Taz inspired post, I spent my final minutes of 2013 going hoarse screaming the words to Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sita and Weezer's The Sweater Song with My So Called Band at Cannery Ballroom.

 For two people that love hermitting out so very much, I have no idea why my fella and I pick the most heinous day of the year to paint the town red every single year. Every New Year's we have been together, we hit Nashville hard. Part of the awesomeness of it all is that we are old and responsible so from that perspective, the people watching is PHENOMENAL! This year I had the "privilege" of placing myself directly next to the drunkest girl on the planet. Pouring airplane bottles of vodka down her gullet before the first guitar lick was even struck. She was soon drooling and resting her head on the front of the stage. [Tangent: This would have been the best D.A.R.E. guerrilla advertising I had ever seen..because after imbibing only 2/3 of a bourbon and coke- I was done after seeing her.] I am only thankful her friend took her out before she vomited all over everyone in the front row. It only took 3 band members calling her out from the stage to get her out of there and get her hydrated. The front is prime real estate...if you are gonna stand there, at least be conscious. Bless her heart. [Tangent: Also, to the guy behind me who repetetively shouted "PLAY SWEET CHILD OF MINE!!!" That song was made in the late 80's. Do your homework!]

Because we felt like being festive, we channeled our favorite 90s icons, Beck and Kelly Kapowski respectively. True, only about 1/10 of the audience dressed thematically while the majority opted to don things that were sparkly and black, I didn't care- I could not have been more comfortable while shimmying my ass off. A sweatshirt and Keds should be my new concert uniform.  

I've seen many a cover band in my day, but none bring it as hard and as entertainingly as they do. [Tangent:Although I have wanted to go to their shows for years, something has always come up. This was my first but definitely not my last!] Four hours after the intro [Tangent: Which consisted of the full version of the Full House theme song and the Skip-It jingle.], they were still going full force and not losing any energy or falling into any ruts. As soon as I started getting over-stimulated by dance tracks like The Train and Baby Got Back they would bounce to some Counting Crows or Guns N Roses or Snoop Doggy Dogg to break things up. [Tangent: Before the show even started, my boyfriend learned that I know all the words to Warren G's Regulate. I don't think he knew his white bread suburban girlfriend had so much street cred.]  It was fun to see these familiar Nashville musicians and personalities rotate in and out to perfectly bring back the songs from my youth. [Tangent: I also unintentionally got the prime stalker seat to watch my friend Dave from High School and college perform. It was funny and kind of jarring to see someone you know in one respect completely transform into Dr. Dre. It was badass.]

 Earlier that day my mom had asked me how old I was in the 90's. After thinking about it for a minute,  I told her it was basically 2nd-11th my entire formative years. It was the last time I listened to music without being jaded and literally could sing along with every song on the radio. I miss those days like crazy, and am thankful that for four hours in my 30's, I could be 15 again.

this is a photo of my teenage lust object with his spirit animal!


  1. let me know next time you go see them! i want to go! saw them when they did all of the blue album and pinkerton and it was AMAZING.

    1. I know!! I wanted to go to that but I think it was when dad was sick. I'm told that they are thinking of doing a green day anniversary show. Ryan has already said he's down. Well get a group togsther

  2. This looked so fun and your costume was so awesome :) You gave Kelly a run for her money! I wish you could have sang something from the Zach Attack!

  3. Poor airplane bottle gal and Axl Rose devotee...but, seriously, gtfo of Kimmie's way, she's here for the Warren G! :D I want that Bayside sweater so bad I don't know what to do with myself. I'm glad you guys had fun, this looks awesome!!

  4. Maybe next year David & I will join you...this year we were mega hermits. In bed asleep by 12:05.

  5. I think the Next-to-the-Drunkest-Person-Imaginable problem besets me at EVERY smaller-venue show. I am reminded of the middle-aged couple grinding to one of Brett Dennen's protest songs during the encore. Made me proud to be an American.


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