Tuesday, January 14, 2014

round 5 as a bridesmaid

Over the Christmas holiday, I got some fun news. I am gonna be a bridesmaid...again...this time for my friend Alex! This will be my 5th time donning a matching dress and holding flowers and whatnot...so I am getting semi-pro at this point. [Tangent: Real talk time- for anyone who has been a bridesmaid past the age of 25, the thrill kinda wears off. It can be a draining, friendship straining exercise, so I have never been one of those that is offended if someone doesn't ask me to be in their wedding. It's expensive and depending on the situation, can be like a part-time job. Showers. Bachelorettes. Favor crafting meetups. Hair appointments. Depending on the bride, it's a lot to sign on for.  This isn't to say I don't love it- I am a glutton for punishment after all. Depsite all the headaches, it is super fun to be VIP at a wedding and get to be around for all the prep and backstage stuff. It's the matrimonial equivalent of being a roadie. I highly recommend it and am excited to do it again.]

Since being in my first wedding 10 years ago, I have certainly run the gammut of dresses and had my fair share of prom hair. Here's a cavalcade of my bridesmaid looks thusfar!

If anything i have learned a few key tips.

1. Champagne...have it handy. It an calm a bride and ease stress....and can pretty much solve any issue.
2. Have food around. [Tangent: See #1, you will need something on your belly)
3. Pick your battles and don't bitch about the dress. Ok, I totally get it...you are paying for a dress normally that you will never ever ever wear again. [Tangent: No matter how many times someone tells you that you can hem a dress and wear it again...know that probably isn't going to happen. If you are in a traditional bridesmaid's dress...the fabric is pretty much guaranteed to be something that isn't appropriate for anything other than a wedding. Unless you go to a lot of proms recreationally...then I worry about your psyche.] That's kind of par for the course of being in a wedding. If you can't shell out the money, politely decline the invite...because no bride wants to hear you bitch.
4. If you have a long dress, don't wear heels..in fact wear glorified bedroom slippers if you wish...no one is gonna know and your tootsies will thank you. Unless of course  the bride cares, then sucks for ya.
5. Don't blow all your budget on alterations. Find a friend of family member that sews. That stuff can make a $100 dress easily $200. 

Hope that helps. This one seems pretty low key and I'll get to wear my flea market cowboy boots with a dress that makes me look like an adorable cupcake! It's gonna be a pinterest-y country chic wedding, ya'll! Thanks Alex and David for including me in the fun.


  1. That color from 2011 (what is that, like dark plum?) look fabulous on you. I was a bridesmaid in 2011 and I was allowed to pick the dresses, so I thought for sure I'd be good about picking something we could wear again... didn't happen, despite the fact that the color is the best color on me and it has pockets. I haven't been able to resell it either, I think anything coming from David's Bridal is good for one night then it develops a bad aura or something.

    1. Thanks yeah it's a dark plum. I really love that color and the fabric was not tight so super comfy...but yeah I think it's understood if it's from Davis's bridal then it's a one shot deal

  2. I love that Scott's arm is in the background of the picture of you at A's wedding.

  3. Have to tell you ... I've never been asked to be a bridesmaid! And I'm more than a little envious. During the late 60s and all through the 70s, when my friends were getting married (for the first time, ahem) and where (radical anti-war, counter-culture California,) the vogue in weddings didn't run to bridesmaids at all. You make a lovely one, BTW. You really wear blue well, you lucky brunette. You are quite right, it takes a cool girl to knock herself out for her friend's wedding. Have a great time while you're at it!

  4. Haha, thanks for the tips. I'm preparing for round two, oh my...

  5. From a seven (I think, maybe 8)-timer, excellent advice. I would add: ask the bride every now and then how planning is going, and if there is anything you can do to help [maybe give her a free venting session every now and then]. I am realizing now that I should have been better at all these things! I agree about the purple, Looks great on you,


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