Friday, January 31, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday (a day late)

OK. You all can officially stone me/burn me at the stake for using a hashtag in my title. I am 100% deserving of it. Also, I did start writing this on a Thursday, so it's semi-accurate. I haven't just lost grasp on how calendars work.

Over the last year or so, I have several times posted amusing things I've found lingering around my childhood home. [Tangent: There are a few examples here here here and here.] Since my dad's passing, my mom has done a lot of cleaning and purging and we are starting to come to terms with all the ridiculous hoarding that was taking place. [Tangent: No...its not gross hoarding. There's no fecal matter or animal carcasses hiding under piles of newspaper. We just have one too many junk drawers and boxes of miscellaneous "god knows what." My parents were always really resourceful and so throwing stuff away that "could" be of help oneday made them cringe.]

Perhaps the most amusing to me was a big box of warranties and instruction manuals...for everything our family has ever owned....ever. [Tangent: I cannot say I am above this behavior. My father must have trained me well, because I have a similar file folder in my bedroom. Naturally, my parents lived in this home for 33 years, so they have decades and many more purchases on me. My assemblage of warranties for gameboys and discmen and cordless phones is probably far less impressive.]

Anyway, some of these items from the long forgotten box were really really amusing to me... either because of the artwork, subject matter or just absurdity of the product. All of these items have long ago gone off to goodwill heaven (probably in the mid 90s), but their manuals live on. Also, I recognize that you probably will not share my misplaced enthusiasm, but who the hell cares! THIS IS MY BLOG!

Exhibit A: I know I have mentioned before here that my parents had all harvest gold appliances when I growing up. I know that whole midcentury modern kitsch thing is very hot now, but it wasn't in the late 80s/early 90s when we were still rocking all yellow appliances. I wish my mom still had them though, because look how happy they make this fridge model!!!

She seems so extremely stoked to be checking the crisper and wiping off the shelves. It made me giggle thinking about how this photoshoot went down. "Okay...Work the ice maker. Now, give me a little over the shoulder sexy. No. Not too much." and "Pam! Give me some bedroom eyes while holding that turkey."

Exhibit B: Oh don't worry, there are more awkward vintage instruction manual models in the mix. The misplaced excitement of the fridge spokesmodel can only be matched by these joyous jai alai players. [Tangent: To be honest, we always just called this scoops when I was little, but many a spanish textbook has told me that it indeed called "Jai Alai."  That term makes me sound like I know what I am talking about somewhat, even though it's clear I know nada about anything athletic related.]

This instruction seems superfluous. It's a wiffle ball and plastic scoop. It seems pretty cut and dry, even though the blonde doesn't seem dressed for rough housing.

Exhibit C: Even though it has been years since I have even known where my Teddy Ruxpin found his eternal resting place [Tangent: And I am now curious whether my brother's cassingle of Metallica's Enter Sandman was still placed in his back.] my dear mother held on to his included paperwork.

Just imagining the horror associated with bathing with Mr. Ruxpin made me laugh hysterically. I am terrible.

If only I could still get that poster!! Should I still try? Is the world of wonder corporation still in business? Probably not. [Tangent: Of course I tried to google what this mysterious poster looked like and I stumbled across this gem from PETA.]


  1. I just recently eradicated my personal instruction / warranty file - it is nice to know that I am not alone in having such a collection

    1. I definitely threw away all of my mother's and next stop is my stash.

  2. Great stuff! I looooooove that refrigerator brochure! And I realize that I've never fondled my stupid boring stainless steel fridge enough but honestly, it doesn't deserve it.

    1. It's so over the top! I saved it if you wanna call dibs!

  3. I totally, completely lost focus on this post when I noticed that one of the pictures said...gulp..."moist 'n fresh"...ewyuckgagpukevomitbarf. OMG. If a fridge was described to me using the 'm' word it would most definitely not be taking up residence in my residence. On a totally different note, my dad's company is one of the few who made the handles for those harvest gold refrigerators. #moist

  4. Fridge Pam reminds me of Reese Witherspoon with more body mass.

  5. My family totally had that GE fridge for many years in the 1980s. It was harvest gold, one handle for the fridge and freezer, no ice dispenser. We also had harvest gold rotary phones!


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