Monday, January 27, 2014

ya'll are the cat's pajamas

My mind is all over the place lately. Maybe it is all the coffee in my system or the questionable breakfast burrito or the fact that I am trying to mentally check things off a to-do list (that for whatever reason I refuse to write down. ) However, I felt the need to log in and jot something down and pretend it has some substance. Humor me, guys! 

If nothing else I need to celebrate the fact that this weekend I hit some major milestones in blogging. The Facebook page for That Girl in The Wheelchair got its 425th "like" [Tangent: Sure, that's not notable number to most. (Especially considering "Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand into your tube of deliciousness" boasts 1.1 million facebook fans.), but it's a round number and way more than I ever expected...especially since a lot of those people are not my friends, so thus not obligated to like and support my endeavors.] On this same day, my overall page views surpassed 300,000. Again, I'm sure the Pioneer Women and Tavi Gevinsons of the world find that laughable...but oh well...I am still insanely proud of it, especially given I was a total baby when I first started blogging and have figured most things out through trial and error. [Tangent: Even if I am almost positive my likeness is probably being used as part of some Russian ponzi scheme, because the amount of soviet traffic I get is unreal, it's still a big deal.] Here is how I feel about it: 

 Also this month, I started writing for Nerds and Nomsese about once a week. My third piece will be published in a few days, but you can catch up by reading my Inside  Llewyn Davis Review and Green Gummy Bear Expose by clicking on those links. [Tangent: Not to keep you on pins and needles too terribly much, but this week's feature will involve me turning Steve Harvey into a drag queen. How's that for a cliffhanger?] Writing for someone else is 8000x more stressful than doing this blog, even though everyone is super cool and laid back, I still am self-conscious because other people's names and credibility are getting roped into my ramblings. Also, to my fellow bloggers, they are always on the lookout for new perspectives on all things foodie and nerdy, so let me know if you have an idea you wanna pitch,  I'll do my best to push it through.  

As if that wasn't enough for progress and pats on the back, last week I made a big step. I talked to an editor/author/semi important book person on the phone. [Tangent/Plug time: She wrote The Able Life of Cody Jane - Still Celebrating as well as had a hand in TONS of other projects.] She was recommended to me by a reader/published author named Sarah [Tangent/Plug time: Sarah wrote this book. And did I mention I have some of the most badass readers ever who write me emails and give me suggestions and funny Saved By the Bell videos as well as writing tips. Yeah. You all get me. ]. Although the prospect of talking to a pro was INCREDIBLY daunting, these new allies have been  amazingly helpful, supportive and so fun. I'm feeling empowered with these senseis on this whole working toward getting published outside the blogosphere thing. I'm sure to pick their brains again once I get some more written that I feel totally confident in. Finally!  I am getting out of this headspace:

So basially, long story short, thanks guys for reading and giving a damn and not judging me (too much). You are sincerely the cat's pajamas. To express my gratitude, here are literally some cats in pajamas. 

c/o this site
c/o this site 

c/o this site
from this video

Thanks google images, you once again, delivered. 


  1. Aww yesssssss

  2. Oooh we need to talk about those new mentors of yours. I have long been wanting to pursue some of my own dreams in that direction. I even have a manuscript and something else like that lying about. Thanks for the inspiration. In the writing way. Not the differently-abled way.


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