Monday, February 3, 2014

nostalgia overload

On Thursday afternoon, I started this #throwbackthursday post, but didn't post it till Friday, which really threw for a loop my plan to make a #flashbackfriday follow up it's Monday and there is no kitschy day specific name for a nostalgia post. #MemoryMonday ... #FirstDayofTheWorkweekFlashback ... #MaybeIShouldStopHashtaggingMonday. [Tangent: This is why I don't do time-sensitive posts.] See, there really is no creative solution to cohesively link my post from Friday to my post from I shall do it with words instead of dumb pound symbols. [Tangent: I find it scary that in the not to distant future, phone recordings will say "Enter your full account number followed by the hashtag sign." That's like flying car/hoverboard style crazy to me.]

Basically, when I was helping my mom empty those long-forgotten boxes in the dark recesses of her closet, we found a mother load (pun intended) of Mother's Day cards, terrifying/hilarious kid art, glitter encrusted construction paper Valentine's  and school projects.  Here are some of the highlights. [Tangent: I didn't even include the short stories and memoirs of my brother, Mikey. He claimed in his "how I'm gonna spend my summer vacation" that he would be going to Maui and finally getting the hot tub that his folks had been working on.  None of these things occurred and we never had a hot tub. My brother has clearly always been a top notch bullshitter! Lest we forget this WWII assignment festooned with glittery schwastikas.] This same brother is responsible for this vaguely racist artwork of a gent in jorts and a Fat Boys shirt. Oh, the 80's were a heady time.

...and this thoughtful Mother's Day card.

My art was a little more abstract...and nightmare inducing. [Tangent: I like to think they are drawing influence from Munch's The Scream...but I probably just wanted to cram as many humans as possible on paper in 5 minutes...facial features and likenesses fell by the wayside.]

Jamie is pointing to the ones he finds most frightening. My money is on the blonde  humanoid earthworm on the end.
I apparently was not so good with likenesses at all (neither was my sister for the record) considering every drawing of our sweet mom featured grotesque boobs or crazy cankles...OR BOTH!

does she not look like she has hooves?

Clearly, my dad wasn't safe from my artistic depictions. He came off looking a bit like a satanic Gargamel.

 I also had a very odd sense of reality. This is a collage I did of my family members by cutting out pictures from magazine (or maybe JC Penny catalogs) to depict each person in my household.

yep...that's me astride the unicorn in corduroy the dream!
Also, I can only hope my writing has grown somewhat from when I was five. Both of these stories seemed to go nowhere. Albeit hysterical, the plots were pretty bland. [Tangent: Clearly I was years away from my spelling bee victories!]

"A Teddy Bear went into the supermarket and that was a mistake."

"Daisy Duck said, 'Do you want a ride?' Donald said, 'Yes, I love rides!"
I will leave you with a self-indulgent picture of me when I was 3 and a half and had the cutest mom hair this side of the Mississippi!


  1. LOL! So what you're telling us is you took a lot of shortcuts as a kid in the card creation department? I think most mothers overlook that kind of thing ;-)


    1. She laughed so hard at the ginormous boobs one....though I found the cloven hooves more unsettling.

  2. So cute but needed spell check.

  3. Looooove these! Your family is def one of my favs!!!

  4. If you make me something out of macaroni, I will fridge it immediately.


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