Tuesday, February 4, 2014

pretty men in drag with the dragulator

In case you missed it [Tangent: How dare you!?!? Here is your chance to play catch up.], last week I did one of my infamous 'App Happy Reviews' over at Nerds and Nomsense...one in which I detailed the attributes of The Rupaul Drag Race Dragulator, which is my current obsession when I need a good laugh/diversion/parlor trick.

In the conclusion of my post over at N&N, I tried to prove my theory that Benedict Cumberbatch is a pretty man, but would make an even prettier lady. [Tangent: His cheekbones are out of control...and kinda mesmerizing..and he always looks like he's forever "smizing" (smiling with your eyes if you are not schooled in 'America's Top Model Speak.)] 

So after I submitted the article and it was published...I began to think, "Wait, so many missed opportunities!" So many times after seeing a man with sparkly eyes and flawless skin, I have said, "That guy would make such a stunning woman." Their luminous complexions and perfect brows seem almost wasted. Here is me testing my hypotheses. Some make stunners, others...um...not so much.

Jared Leto

I started with someone who has experience playing a transexual...but seriously, since his Jordan Catalano days when he was the at the absolute height of  angsty adorability,  I have thought his baby face would look great with some foundation on it! [Tangent: I know psych majors...there is a lot wrong with me.] 

After making my dream, realized, I kinda think he is a dead ringer for Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker.  Discuss.

Zac Efron

With those twinkly eyes and purdy mouth, how could he not be a total knockout?

 Hmmm....not so much. He is not as comely as I would have thought. Maybe he needed some lips.

Orlando Bloom

Come on...He's a babe....but he's also an elf. Elves have twee feminine features and angelic, poreless skin. I thought this was gonna be a no brainer.

 Maybe his skin is gorgeous, but I think he should stick to dude things.

Jude Law

For a Brit, Jude has some grade A chompers and again, the skin of small cherub baby, so I figured slap a wig on him and some blush, and he is gonna be hot...

 ...and he looks like Liza Minelli's half sister.

Taylor Lautner

This may upset some Twi-hards, which I am a-Ok with, but Jacob Taylor Lautner has always skewed a little pretty to me. Sure he's handsome, but the narrow jaw and sweet cheekbones are begging for some makeup, right?

 Dear god. I showed this one to my fella and he replied, "He looks like a possibly overweight lady attending beauty school in a strip mall." I liked his assessment.

Bruno Mars
Everytime I see his face....there's not a thing I wouldn't change...cause it's amazing...just the way it is. [Tangent: See what I did there.] But seriously, it's crystal clear that he would make a spicy dame.
The execution is so much better than I ever could have dreamed. If you are a lady, show this to your dude, I am gonna guess he'd be into it even a little. I don't think it would even take many drinks. Bruno would look foxy with boobs.

These were just a few off the top of my head that fall into my mental file of "pretty men" but maybe you have some other suggestions.


  1. Other submissions: Robert Pattinson, Lance Bass, Kirk Cameron [who would be horrifying, hence the suggestion]

  2. This is hilarious. And Bruno Mars is so so pretty. He looks just like Janelle Monae.

    1. Isn't he??? I have always said that I am super jealous of his complexion...and this transformation made me jealous of his lips and eyes as well.


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