Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saved by the Valentine

Hey guys! I am gonna be gone for about a week and am currently shirking all responsibilities so I can write a blog. [Tangent: I really should be packing but I haven't quite wrapped my mind around the fact that the highs in California are in the 80s, and I have been living in fur boots and the same two huge sweaters for the last several months. Now I will have the ability to actually make choices that allow me to look cute instead of just look like a lump of layers doing her damndest to deter hypothermia. It makes packing both exciting and I will just put it off another hour or so.] Anyway, I had to check in and see how everyone's Valentine's Day went and tell you about mine.

Lately I have not had excuses to put makeup on or a dress, so no matter what the plans were, I decided those two things needed to happen.  We had planned to go do dinner in East Nashville near Jamie's house. [Tangent: Naturally the plan was to eat super early (while most people were just getting off work) so we could beat the cavalcade of couples, even if it meant dining predominantly with retirees.] When we got to the eatery, we were extremely optimistic because there were free tables for miles so we felt like we made a sound decision...that is until the hostess informed us that because it was a busy night, we needed a reservation....or a "reso" as she so adorably put it. [Tangent: I had eaten there before and it was pretty dead, so the thought never occurred to either of us. Clearly we don't do fancy well. And furthermore, who uses the term reso?!??!] By this point, the rain and the lack of "reso" just seemed like a sign that we needed to pack it in and opt for some takeout [Tangent: Besides: THE OLYMPICS WERE ON!] we selected the most romantic dinner option possible = Hot Chicken!  

 [Tangent: I think it speaks volumes about us that we were that excited to eat something that simultaneously makes your nose run like a geyser, makes you breathe heavy and get an all over sweat going. Additionally, there was only one other couple eating at Pepperfire, so we didn't have to wait at all. Bonus points!]

I don't wanna be that girl that posts what their boyfriend gives them all over social media with terrible hastags like #blessed #thatsmyboo #loveconquersall etc. I kinda hate those, but I am about to do that very thing and completely betray my ethical code...but hello, if you got this card, you would share, too. 

 After I opened it, I seriously giggled aloud for several minutes. The jelly bracelets. The glitter. The marker marks. The oddly foreshortened baby hand. Everything about it was perfect and made me thankful that I have taught Jamie all about the bizarre wonderland that is Etsy.


  1. Ours was a train wreck, too. Downpours, traffic jams, and no resos for us, either. Had a "do-over" the next day.
    I had to Google Kelly Kapowsky because I had no idea who she was. I've never seen Saved By The Bell!
    Have fun in Cali ;-)


  2. weather made everything worse!

  3. that card is perfect!
    travis got me fun soda and valentine's junior mints. so romantic! we went to wild cow about 4:30 and didn't have to wait and were home early. perfect for two aspiring senior citizens! we watched forgetting sarah marshall and ate vegan cupcakes. a perfect night.

  4. SOUNDS PERFECT! Yeah, we watched the Olympics and ate astronaut ice cream! We are also roughly 67!


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