Thursday, February 13, 2014

so tomorrow is valentines day...

Holy crap! Valentine's day is tomorrow. Where did that come from?  I guess people are not being as over the top with it on social media or maybe I have just been fast forwarding through the "Every kiss begins with Kay" commercials. Maybe I am so swept up in Olympic fever that I can't be expected to pay attention to things like calendars. [Tangent: Speaking of, this tumblr was brought to my attention the other day, and it made me laugh considerably. If you are a fan of Girls, specifically Shoshanna, you will love. Shoshi Olympics...seriously...why didn't I think of that?]

Even when I was single, I didn't loathe the holiday. As far as I remember, I never got super mopey about it. [Tangent: Even the year I worked in a lingerie store, so basically had to help men and women pick out valentine sex clothes and accouterments all day and then came home to watch a Lifetime movie about a woman in a mental hospital. True Story. Even then, I had a pretty rad day.]  Face it, It's the one time of year when you are basically ordered to be open with your affections and all those in your life.  You are also encouraged to eat copious amounts of red hots and use terrible puns.  In my mind, any excuse for a giant box of assorted chocolates is a good one.  How much more magical can you get?  [Tangent: Writing about Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite things to do! I am off my game...probably because I am about to leave this icy hell beast and head to sunny California in a few days. Hasta Luego, fur lined boots! It is 82 degrees there!]

Every year, I troll google images for my favorite Valentines out there. [Tangent: Here is last year's crop.] I tried to seek attribution for these, but most of them came from like 100 sources, my apologies.  If they made me giggle, they made the cut...although most of them are from Downton and Parks and Rec.

more mean girls cards here

  Hope everyone has a great day...and if you are gonna be that angsty person, look on the bright side, go grab some half off Whitman's samplers over the weekend.


  1. these are great! i love the bill murray and jesse pinkman ones! i was going to give nick a handmade one but you know that nicholas cage one just speaks to my soul. . . i will definitely be printing it out and giving it instead!

  2. no kidding! How does Nic Cage not scream romance ?!?! There were so many...some I didn't include. I will have to text/email you the outtakes!!


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