Monday, March 31, 2014

billy joel, ya'll

Hey remember me? I am the slacker that writes this blog. Sometimes I feel like I do cool things that I should write about, but then suddenly, my best-laid plans are derailed by writing for Nerds and Nomsense or some bonkers search terms need addressing or I'll suddenly remember that I need to finish watching True Detective [Tangent :...WHICH I HAVE! SO GOOD! Sorry Louisiana, but this was not a ringing endorsement for your state. HBO has kinda made you all look like murderry devil worshiping swamp folk and/or vampires.] Anyway, there are lots of cool things that I've been up to...I mean a couple weeks ago I went to go see Billy Joel, ya'll. WILLIAM EFFING JOEL!

 As soon as I heard that Billy Joel was doing a limited tour to a few of his favorite cities, I knew price was no obstacle (ok...who are we kidding...I'm not Lady Von not a MAJOR deterrent). However, I have seen him live before and I recall the show being so high energy and fun that I wanted to attend with my mom and sister. I wish I could say I took winning action-packed photos, but we were far from close, so this is all you get.

When I saw him a few we years back, I recall the audience being a lot older, so I was happy to see that the fans were a mixed bag demographically. Anyway I shouldn't be surprised that people in my age group  were hooting and hollering [Tangent: I mean I know Lauren from Old Red Boots was there too because we bitched to each other via text about the random opening act.], I grew up with 80's Billy Joel [Tangent: Just the Way You Are was the only pre-programmed song on my Casio 100 sound effect keyboard so whenever I hear it, I mentally insert a barking dog and shattering glass. Also We Didn't Start the Fire enlightened me, as a then 7-year-old, about Bernie Goetz and Thalydamide deformities. The more you knooooow. ]  and as an adult learned by heart learned his double greatest hits album. He was ever present.

The show, obviously didn't disappoint. It was hit after hit after hit...lots of crazy laser lights....and a very jazzy sax player in a polka dotted blouse [Tangen: My sister and I agreed he was truly selling it...]...and Billy Joel drank the entire time from a Bill Joel coffee mug...presumably from the merch booth. It was awesome.  [Tangent: What wasn't as awesome was powering through the Widespread Panic fans filtering out of The Ryman on my way back to my car. A crowded gaultlet of people dispensing nitris balloons and grilled cheesies mixed with hyped Billy Joel fans is a bit of a cluster.]

Also, I decided as Billy Joel gets older, he is basically shape shifting into the friendlier doppelganger of Mike from Breaking Bad.

Or maybe they have always been basically the same person. Here is 70's Joanthan Banks [Tangent: Probably from his awesome/terrible instructional movie about periods] and 70's Billy Joel. Hubba Hubba. Bedroom eyes for days.


  1. Haha, you made me feel like I was there! (I wish to heck I was!) Secret confession: I CANNOT, for the LIFE OF ME, get into that True Detective show...I've seen all but the last two episodes and something about it just doesn't make me want to watch more! Considering the dyed in the wool episodic tv lover that I am...this is hard to come to terms with!

  2. I have a student named Joel who lets me call him Billy, even though he doesn't get the reference. It delights me. :)

    Also, a comment on the Louisiana tangent... The other day, we were about to start reading a story that took place in Louisiana. The kids all said, "Brandon's from Louisiana... and there he is now!" Sure enough, Brandon was passing in the hall, presumably on his way to/from the bathroom. We invited him in to be an impromptu guest speaker, "Tell us what Louisiana's like!" And this is what he came up with: "There's a lot of really ugly cars... But REALLY good food! Mmmm, the food... And dead cats. Lots of dead cats."

  3. You should seriously write my tangents from here on out!!! That should be the LA motto: old cars, good food, and dead cats!!

  4. I'll just keep tangenting from your tangents. :) I don't remember trig well enough to know if that makes it a cotangent...

    I think your tangents were one of the first things that made me fall in love with this blog. :) I've always described myself as "a parenthetical speaker." Half of what I say belongs in parentheses, but I eventually get back to my main point!

    Also, one more tangent-about-a-tangent-within-a-tangent (Inception style): Here in Oregon, there's a small town named Tangent. I drove through it once with a super ADDish friend, and he managed to keep a completely random and disconnected tangent string going for the entire 3 minutes it takes to pass this tiny town. "Have I told you about the time I went to... there were three men wearing galoshes... coffee's my favorite... if you're ever in Germany... free kittens!!...and then..." I don't even know, but it was impressive.

  5. I couldn't agree with your more about True Detectives! Such an amazing show but not a great tourism tool, haha! And I must say I am super jealous that you got to see Billy Joel live in concert! Glad he did not disappoint!

  6. I'm still so sad that I didn't get tickets to that in time -- but I wasn't about to pay the obscene scalping prices! I, too am no Lady Von Moneybags. I'm happy to hear it was a wonderful show...and a lot jealous. I've made a vow to myself that if it's an older artist (that could quite possibly kick the bucket anytime), I need to just bite the bullet and buy them immediately. Billy Joel is worth my money!

  7. Yes. Definitely worth it. I got in on it immediately and all the cheapest tix were gone. I think we ended up buying the ones that were $100 a piece. I do wish we would have been closer, but yeah I am not rich. Anyway, the show was so big with the light displays and such...that I think I would have lost something being too close (at least that is what I am telling myself.)

  8. I just kept saying "I never want to go to this town." Everyone was so creepy and scandalous. It was pretty much how I felt after I saw Texas Chainsaw has pretty much scared me away from south texas for good!

  9. I like this friend already. I have a hard time staying on track with things. I have never been diagnosed as ADD...but I like to just think I get excited/hung up on the details.

  10. I tell people that I have "adult-onset ADD," which I'm theorizing is a a contagious condition. I swear I had a decent attention span before I spent my days surrounded by middle schoolers! Now I can't focus to save my life...

  11. OMG he is totally Mike from Breaking Bad!!

  12. Isn't it creepy!?!?

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