Sunday, March 16, 2014

wanna get sticky? Sticky9 review and giveaway

Ok. So that was the worst blog title ever. I apologize! But it's my 499th blog, so I thought disturb you with a semi-gross title and then reward you with giveaways and discounts and stuff!! Fairly sweet deal, I think. 

 If you are super social on social media, you probably know that I love me some Instagram. In addition to being yet another time killer, I love the app because it makes me look like I have some semblance of photographic talent...when it's clear that I don't. The only problem is that these lovely images live in cyberspace and aren't always showcased like they deserve to be. Luckily, I got the opportunity to make some super cute magnets from the nice people at Sticky9. [Tangent: Sticky9 used to be Stickygram, and are currently undergoing a rebrand, which means cool things are in the works. If you follow them in social media, they will be unrolling them in the next week or so.]

I know, a magnet is a magnet is a magnet, right? Well, pretty much...but these can be personalized with your instagram images, and they make a pretty cute gift idea for someone you love (even if that someone is yourself). [Tangent: I thought it would be fun if you took a lot of instagram pics at a wedding or a party to make them into magnets as a gift after the fact. I could be alone in thinking this is a genius idea...but I do.]

 I was delighted to find that the whole ordering process was shockingly idiot-proof [Tangent: They accessed them directly from instagram, so no uploading was even necessary.] and the delivery process was super speedy...which let's face it- is not always the case with internet based companies. Really all you have to do is scroll through your feed and click on your chosen images and let them do the legwork. 

If you are like me, and your instagram is 75% pictures of your nails on a good day or screenshots from Family Feud, finding 9 worthy pictures may be hard...because that's not really the stuff you wanna showcase on your refrigerator. Because of this, I stuck to a theme, and made all my magnets emblazoned with my niece's face...because well, she is freakishly upsettingly adorable. I felt indulgent ordering magnets for myself, so I got them for my mom. Needless to say...she loved these babies (pun intended?). How could she not?

And if you can't find 9 images you want to immortalize via magnet, that's cool because Sticky9 have recently intro'd these new jigsaw configurations that spread one image over 9 magnets. [Tangent: Because I am a weirdo, I thought this would be coolest if you did a picture with a forward facing person, and then mixed up their features Picasso style.]

Ok. Ok. Enough with the magnets ...[Tangent: If you were playing a drinking game for the number of times I have said the word "magnet" in this post, I imagine you would be schmammered!]  If all of your papers are adequately affixed to your fridge or filing cabinet, Sticky9 also offers custom iPad and phone cases, too. Lots of ways to show off what a good photog you can be with the help of some filters and creative angles.

So what's in it for you? Well,  Sticky9 has given me the power to give away one set of magnets to a lucky reader by entering on the little entry thingamajiggy below before next Sunday the 23rd at Midnight  and even if you don't win, you can get 15% your first order with offer code: FRIENDUUX9

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Ok. I gotta go, I have a 500th blog to write. SCARY! 


  1. Biggest Instagram Pet Peeve - When somebody uses a filter or over-skin-softener and then is all like #nofilter. I call bullocks on that!

  2. Also, Kimmie you are the bomb[DOT]com!

  3. Instagram pet peeve...flooding my feed with 918 pictures of whatever you're doing. I don't need 47 pictures of a beach. They all look the same. Pick one, filter appropriately, and move on to taking pictures of your feet in the sand.

  4. I know! I am always so careful about this. It goes the same for concerts. If you go to show and snap a picture cool, even better if you are really close! BUT if you are in the nosebleeds and I have to scroll through 12 fuzzy dark blobs, I question your ability to edit!

  5. Your house always looks clean. You disguise mess well!

  6. Not sure if this is a Instagram pet peeve, but I totally hate that Instagram has allowed me to see how dumb teenagers are. (I follow, like, two teenage family members on there and I kinda hate their internet personas now.) Everything is all rate me, rate this, you're ugly , I'm hawt, blah blah, peace sign, blah. Ugh. Teenagers. Get off my lawn!

  7. that 100% qualifies! I also have some underage family and friends on instagram and it makes me realize how glad I am that this stuff didn't exist when I was little. SO MANY PEACE SIGNS and weird pouty faces!!! then its like "text me!" or some lyrics for a katy perry song.

  8. especially when the edges are black and it has clearly been kelvin'd

  9. I don't have an instagram pet peeve, and I totally wanted to post a comment so I could get an extra entry, I love magnets!

  10. Mary Evelyn SmithMarch 23, 2014 at 8:42 PM

    Instagram peeve: Nothing! I luuurv Instagram and it makes everything look pretty and everyone has perfect skin and clean houses. It's like a dream world where people I know live. Dig it.

  11. You are such a little burst of sunshine. You are the rainbow brite to my daria :)

  12. I love your honesty!!


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