Monday, April 14, 2014

american blogger: what do you think?

As someone who spends a good percentage of her day consuming media, I am always surprised when something completely flies under my radar. [Tangent: Ugh. That made me sound really information entitled. Oh well, you know what I mean.] Last night, I got the following text from my ardent sister in popular culture, Laura.

I was so floored with my unfamiliarity on this topic that my fingers couldn't type "American Blogger"fast enough. After a thorough googling and trailer viewing, I felt super weird. When things hit close to home, it's very easy to be overly judgemental and find them cringe worthy...that's just science. [Tangent: I'm looking at you Crazy Hearts: Nashville and The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.] Of course I have been lazily campaigning for a blogger show on Bravo, but we all know the reality of that situation is- NO ONE would watch. I mean, watching me blog in my yoga pants while drinking coffee and talking back to the screen during The Chew isn't exactly appointment TV. Truthfully, that's what most bloggers do...It's not as epic as this trailer has you believe. Although I kind of wish it was.

My immediate response:

I agree with this director in that there are a lot of great bloggers out there with amazing back stories and it's great to see the connectivity and community that blogging creates being celebrated. [Tangent: You know how I feel about all my blogger friends!] But does it really address bloggers as a whole?

After sifting through the backlash, I kinda get the point from all the pushback...where IS the diversity? No one looks like me or a lot of bloggers I know. The whole point of blogging is for people to find their niche and celebrate what makes them unique, and despite being titled "American blogger", this film just seems to cover 30s white lifestyle bloggers who all look and dress similarly.

 It will be interesting to see if they talk real things like internet trolls and writers block and getting eye rolls from loved ones or being called obnoxious. I fear those things will take the back burner to sweeping shots of succulent gardens and chevron'd anthropologie throws...that's if I am judging a film by it's trailer.[Tangent: I mean everyone is blonde and gorgeous and living a perfect little boho chic "a beautiful mess" existence. The cinematography, though really pretty, may as well be brought to you by the Mayfield and Valencia filters.] It seems to reinforce a lot of cliches that bloggers are just self-important hipsters and I feel like in drawing attention to all the great things about blogging, it may also just get a collective "UGGHHHHHH, who gives a shit !?!" from everyone else. I'm really hoping that I am wrong and that the prettiness of it doesn't overshadow the message. I can't hate on anyone that is following a passion and doing what they love...and I don't envy these people for being "the voice" for such an outspoken opinionated movement of people.

In reading about the film and the controversy, I found the blog response of Chris Wiegand's wife (he is the director and dude in the airstream). The spirit of the film is a good one...I just fear that style will take a front seat to substance...and those aren't the kinds of blogs I like to read. [Tangent:....but of course I will be downloading it in June to see for myself.]


  1. The blog is the 21st century version of the confessional - only generally a whole lot more narcissistic (said the disabled fashion blogger. I just called myself out). I agree with your whole "beautiful mess" analogy. If he'd had the sense to come see me I could've been all the diversity any film project needs ;-)


  2. oh i am not at all ashamed to say blogging is my way to talk incessently to a wider audience.

  3. My annoyance has died down, and now I'm just hoping to find a way to watch it without putting money into the Wiegand's undeserving pockets.

  4. I feel like I am so late to the party on this! I feel like I am not as outraged as some...I feel like they just are presenting it in such an over the top manner and hip-ified manner that it is virtually impossible to take it seriously.

  5. yeah, we definitely need to watch together. I feel like it will be one of those "throw stuff at the screen" viewing parties. Yeah...I feel like it takes a topic which is full of interesting angles and it takes the easiest most annoying route.

  6. i smell a blogger viewing party?

    for real though, i haven't watched the trailer yet (gotta wait until Nick is not near me) so i dk why i am even commenting other than to say i wanna watch you watch this.

    (bc i needed to sound even creepier than i am)

  7. YES! You may watch me watch it and your creepiness is 98% of the reason we are friends...the other 2% is because you send me snapchats everyday and you have stellar taste in eyewear

  8. I took to my blog about it immediately after watching. The utter lack of diversity made me really frustrated.

  9. It's completely insane to me! I need to go back and look for that post!


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