Tuesday, April 29, 2014

getting oriented.

I'm officially sitting around the house wearing pajama pants from the waist down and a navy day dress from the waist up so it either means that I am trying some weird (but clearly not very forward thinking) fashion or I started working today. [Tangent: This is pretty much the norm when I work.  When I come home, it's pants off/stretchy pants on time..but out of laziness, from the waist up - business casual as usual. TMI? Probably...but you should come to expect that from my blog! If this was solely a fashion blog, I would probably have page after page of me rocking a look that is simultaneously brought to you by Ann Taylor and Gillian O'Malley for Target. ] Anyway, it seems like it has been forever since I have gotten up early and gone into work and I am completely inept at it. How can a person forget how to function before 8 AM? I guess I can.

c/o Natalie Dee

So far we have just had orientation...and it was with about 50 other departments so everything is vague and general and ends with shots and TB skin tests and bloodwork. [Tangent: That's how you know a job is legit, when you leave a vial of blood behind of day one! :)] I watched a lot of presentations- some valid to my department like code of ethics...some not, like lifting people...but I did get to hear a song about hand washing to the tune of "Call Me Maybe", which is fun for everyone involved [Tangent: Now it is the second best instructional hand washing song I have heard in my life.]

Even with all this activity, a highlight of my day was sitting in my car and playing on my phone during my lunch break, not because I am completely antisocial but rather because I chose to park by some nearby dorms. [Tangent: They were closer, and despite it being marked as "reserved", there were handicapped spaces...so that is practically an invitation, right? ] This landscape made for some stellar people watching. College is such a foreign thing to me at this point in my life, so I felt like I was getting to audit their move-out day.  I seemed to be suddenly aware of every gray hair on my scalp, hearing 19-year-olds flirt as they say goodbye to each other and make promises to visit....oh yeah and seeing girls do the dreaded walk of shame. [Tangent: Backless dress, strappy heels in hand...messy bun. Check. Check. Check.] THEY STILL DO THAT! It was highly entertaining to observe and made me realize I graduated college 9 years ago!! WHAT!?!?!? I guess it's high time I put that degree in motion.

I still won't know the daily ins and outs of my new job until next week, but I am nervously excited to learn more. Being excited about work is a welcome feeling!


  1. As I type this while wearing my Gilligan & O'Malley PJs... first thing when I get home, it's bra off and stretchy pants on. It's just the best feeling EVER.

  2. It really is. I only hate when someone unexpectedly comes over and finds me rocking this look


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